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On vegetables in desserts
Putting vegetables in desserts always gives me a weird
sort of thrill. From carrot cake muffins to pink speckled beetroot cake, it’s
fun to be able to transform vegetables into delicious baked goods.   For the longest time, I’ve wanted to bake with pumpkin....

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On a moment of happiness
It was late afternoon, and we had just spent the day doing
a few of our favourite things; a bike ride and beer for the boys, a short run and
trying new recipes in an unfamiliar kitchen. We met up at a café in Lorne,
wandered around the streets and explored ...

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On road trips
When we’re about to go on a road trip, here are he
things that go through my head: 1.      What should we make to eat? 2.      Is there an oven, can I bake? 3.      Is there a BBQ, oh wait someone else will take
care of that. 4.      Maybe Ash will let me b...

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On doing what you love
Throughout the whole wedding process, there was only
one thing on my mind that I wanted to do. I wanted to bake. I wanted to make
something with my hands, create something edible, make the whole apartment
smell like baked goods. There was never enough time....

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Crepe Creation 1: Banoffee
There are a few steps
that need mastering at this stage. Broken down into 3 stages: 1.     Perfecting the crepe Thin and delicate Soft and pliable Taste – balanced Golden colour The right size 2.     The base filling Needs to be light but substantial Flavou...

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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step
- Lao Tzu Post run, full of endorphins and hoping that the cool change will cool me down in front of an open door, I thought this would be the perfect time to type up a blog post. Ash had to practically drag me kicking and whining through the muggy weather ...

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Because Reasons
The first day of detox went pretty well. I filled in the empty spaces by reading blogs, watching My Kitchen Rules, a short run (walk) and some cooking. As I was running, I had a thought; why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we intentionally put ourselves ...

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One Month, No YouTube
I have an addiction. Its name is YouTube. For the past few years I have used it for a few hours every single day. It saturates my life, fills in all the empty spaces and gaps in my time. I use it for entertainment, to stave off boredom, as motivation to do ...

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Making a Mess
When I was a kid, and when I was so inclined, I'd make a batch of cupcakes, or cookies, or perhaps a layer cake. I'd make it all from scratch, all the while using every bowl, utensil and gadget at my disposal. When I was finished, I would be delightfully ex...

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Alone time
Astroboy is off to Tasmania this weekend. As it draws nearer, I find myself looking for plans, for someone to spend time with. Sometimes I do it consciously, other times I do it as a response to my anxiousness about being alone. After sending out a few invi...
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