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Rémi Collins
SD43 Elementary Principal
SD43 Elementary Principal

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The Blind Side
The Blind Side is a term used in football to describe the backside of a quarterback position, the side he can't see should a hit be coming.  In many ways I see the continued reduction of student support positions to be the Blind Side of Education.  At some ...

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building in natural filters when we are upset

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How bringing back the rotary phone could save the universe
Recently I had a conversation with a friend about how everything is instant these days. Instant contact, instant information, instant forums and so on.  Many things have changed since we were kids.  The big one that we were talking was the rotary phone.  Th...

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When does the fear of failure start?

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Baby Steps
As I watch my little boy grow, I start to look at the first steps he is going to go through.  Smiling, laughing, listening, understanding, talking, crawling, standing, walking,  running...  He will try all of these things until he masters them.  When he wil...

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Does Mr., Mrs. or Ms. make that big a difference?
I have had some interesting conversations as an educator with parents, neighbours, colleagues and others about "Kids these days".  It is funny how that phrase has been around for years and I sometimes wonder if you can draw that expression from the 3rd gene...

Hello to all of you from Coquitlam, BC, and a big hello to Lyn for starting this up.  I am a principal of an elementary school, almost finished my first year, and we are starting to push forward in educational technology and are looking for some great ideas and learning partners to share with.
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