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Amazon Dash Button finally available in Germany
And here is my first request :D

If you want to support CircleCount, here you go:


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Team USA hasn't lost any international match since exactly 10 years...

And now check out the only team that won against the USA in the last 10+x years ;)

#greece #basketball #hashtag

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It feels like yesterday when we started with the first blank table and +Mark Zuckerberg at the top of this table ;)

The last 5 years have been full of learning and counting numbers got so much easier ;)
A ton of experience I don't want to miss.

Thanks a lot to the whole Google+ Community!
Let's get to the next level in the coming 5 years ;)
5 Years of Awesomeness
CircleCount is grown up

As everyone in their early days, we struggled, we stumbled and we got up again. That's the natural course of things, when you grow up and learn how to walk. We had to learn many things the same way. Now that we have learned such a vast amount in recent years however, we are confident that soon we will be running. This is not least because of you guys that always supported us during our stuggles and stumbles.
Thank you for your support and ideas! We hope there is at least another 5 years with lots of great people and lots of great ideas to come.

What's your thoughts on this 5 year old ?

Your CircleCount Team

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D3.js is so much faster than Google Charts API.

Either I was using Google Charts API wrong or this is really the case.
However, the result is awesome!
Because Speed Matters

In the last weeks we have been working on a new dashboard.
The main intention was to get the current dashboard faster.
The result is faster and so much more ;)

While we were working on that, we saw that it got faster, but this result (that you can see in the screenshot) is much more than we have hoped for.

The new PRO Dashboard is coming soon - bigger, faster, nicer!

#circlecountupdate #dashboard #performance

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Our #effzeh is looking back to the last season.
Awesome +1. FC Köln!

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Microsoft CaptionBot

Microsoft launched a new AI machine that is trying to generate a caption for images.

Sometimes the result is great, sometimes it's just funny ;)
Here are some examples.

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I don't understand people who are getting sad or angry because of missing reactions and it is a wow effect when I see people like me who just love to haha the whole day.

not easy to put 7 words in 1 sentence that still makes sense ;)
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Bacardi feeling on the Rafaello beach :)

#commercials #seychelles #ladigue #2013

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Less colors, more boats ;)

#mahe #seychelles #2013

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Sunset in Seychelles
and the background image on my mobile since more than a year ;)

#mahe #seychelles #2013
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