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So the blog has been refreshed and the first post on the shiny new simple theme is a review of the Kids Mac in a Sac by Target Dry. Do you think they are any good?

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Worth a read with the current weather!

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Wowsers. I'm famous. Along with Ifor and Ellis apparently! I recently recorded a Podcast with +Phil Sorrell  from Social Hiking. The rather impressive result is here as we take a look at what it's like to walk with kids and generally rip each other to shreds whilst out wild camping. We even take a look at some genuine outdoor stuff! Would seriously like to get peeps feedback on this so please do listen. — at Lulworth Cove, Dorset.

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Happy days, it's amazing how much cooler Audio is to Video and hearing Ifor's voice is awesome :-)
Climibing King Alfred's Tower in Dorset with +Gareth Jones . Recorded at the end of May whilst recording the +Social Hiking - Share Your Adventure  podcast (due soon). Some of the audio will be in the final podcast, but I wanted to share the full-ish (#sequenceshortened) audio. Photo is of +Gareth Jones  at the top. Thanks to +Target Dry for supporting the podcast

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Reminder of a cracking weekend with young Phil
Whilst recording the +Social Hiking - Share Your Adventure  podcast, +Gareth Jones  and I (and his lovely family) investigate the sound of bongos to discover the Wessex Cycling Tour (thanks to +Target Dry for supporting the podcast - which will be published soon!)

Recorded at the end of May at Alfred's Tower in Dorset.

I have an Excel spreadsheet which has a date column and a text column. I need to count up instances where the date falls between a certain range and the text = a certain value within a row. My brain is a little frazzled if anyone has any suggestions.......

Techy friends, I need your help. I would like a new phone and am currently thinking of finally jumping the iPhone ship. Couple of questions

I use Outlook 2010 as my Pc mail, calendar and contacts client. I really rate it and don't want to use Google for productivity. I don't use exchange however and either have used itunes sync or icloud to sync to my iphone, my email I use imap. My work also uses an exchange account however as well so I would like the ability to have both . Are there any decent productivity apps for android that I can use to sync outlook for non exchange and exchange data and how well does this integrate with an android phone? This aspect alone is making me think I might be better staying with an iphone.

I also use iTunes for organising my music, are there any decent apps that would enable me to sync up iTunes with an android device. Specifically I want to keep the ratings and playlist system to enable changes to,flow both ways.

The devices I am thinking about are either an s3, or HTC one

Any suggestions or thoughts gratefully appreciated!
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Selling my Dahon Mu P8 folding bike as I can take my big bike on the train. Paid £450 for it, has been used 7 times and is in immaculate condition, collection from Gillingham in Dorset. Will accept £315 and can post at your expense if needs be. Full spec here 
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Stonehenge. Fire. Night. In amongst the stones. Epic. 

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The Dorset group of the Backpackers Club have their monthly pub meet is this Thursday evening. All welcome :-) 
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