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OMG. They said YES!
Sorry for the vaguebooking at the moment, more details as things fill in.

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Hi folks. I'm published on Sammiches and Psych Meds. Please give it a share if you know someone who might struggle with family. They need to know that they are indeed seen and worth while.

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Someone, just pat me on the head and tell me "it's gonna be ok" please.

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New Post up at Thinking Too Loud
The Too Public Last Stand of David Fry

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+Elizabeth Ives you are a bad, bad influence.

Entered my first writing contest today. Fingers crossed all.
And now I have another piece in progress. We'll see if it manages to get picked up.

Working it. 

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A new piece up. A very short read, but this might lead to something more substantial. 

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I just published “The best resolution, for me.”

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New Post UP: 
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