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I have a question for the Termux experts. I have a Python calculator that I used to use on Termux (, but recently I can no longer run my app on Termux.

I use the pyephem package, which in turn uses libastro. The installer for pyephem is able to build libastro, but when I try to run my app, I get this error:

ImportError: dlopen failed: cannot locate symbol "tanh" referenced by ""

I figure there's some package I need to install that supplies tanh, and it must be something basic, but I can't figure out which one it is. I've tried installing every package that seems like it might provide general-purpose math routines, but nothing works.

It seems to me that when Termux provided gcc, I was able to get it to work, but not any longer. I'm sure it's something simple. Can anyone advise me?

I discovered Termux yesterday and am really impressed.  I've wanted something like this ever since I started using Android.

Question:  If you try to install gmpy2 using pip, it fails when it tries to compile C code but doesn't give a meaningful error as to why gcc fails (it just says "failed with exit status 1".

Is it possible this has something to do with the need for libgnustl that you described in a previous question?

Is there anything I can do about this?

If not, that's OK, too, because there is so much cool stuff to play with I'll have plenty of things to try.

Thanks for creating this!
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