I've read this a few days ago, but I'm still at a loss why this would be useful. Maybe someone with more knowledge about netbsd could enlighten me.
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This new code appears to make the SIMH emulator able to accept binary file system images from ancient RT-11 systems. If you have archives in that format, or otherwise need support for the file system, this is great news. Otherwise it isn't for you. 
Ah, okay. I already figured that much. I actually have rt-11 images and simh on my system. I just thought there was a grander scheme that I didn't get ;) 

Smells a little of feature creep...
It's in the nature of voluntary projects that people work on whatever they want.
The great thing about open source: When I say "Dang, I wish it did ___." I can make it happen, or (more often) find someone more skilled at software development to make it happen. I think the last time I actually hacked on BSD internals was to get wireless packet injection working on OpenBSD so I could use some of the fun stuff in +David Hulton's BSD-Airtools packages. And now I feel old, because that was probably close to 10 years ago. 
I just think, this should've been put in it's own binary. That way, I could use it to build my own images for rt-11 under FreeBsd without having to keep two versions of makefs around. But that's just me :)
+Tony Sidaway Shit, you got me there. Should've closed my big mouth :) I'll take a look at it, after I finish my current programming project.
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