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During the preparation of my upcoming Traveller campaign I realized something about Traveller: it’s different in one important aspect from most other roleplaying game. Characters don’t get new abilities over time. There’s no (mechanical) character advancement. The skill ratings you have at the end of character creation will be the skill rating your character will have at their demise. The only changes you can expect are because of aging. [..]

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Today Greg Saunders, the designer of “In Flames” contacted me. He is currently trying to fund “Exilium” which is a reimagining of the aforementioned “In Flames” RPG. So what is Exilium all about?

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The work on my version of the Traveller universe continues. Initially I planned to create a subsector from scratch and place it at the edges of an empire which was in the process of falling apart, but that turned out too much work. Why reinvent the wheel, when I can just use the Third Imperium and tweak it to my whims?

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This might actually be interesting to some of you. Since I decided to use the CE in a future campaign, I sat down and wrote a subsector generator in Python 3.6 based on the world creation detailed in the CE SRD. The code is pretty messy and there are probably still quite a few bugs, but it might still be useful to some of you.

I have to admit I am no Traveller expert and I am not sure if my bad code or the differences between CE and Traveller are responsible for the errors the poster maker throws at me. Any advice would be appreciated.

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This time I write about my latest project, a subsector generator based on the Cepheus Engine SRD written in Python 3.6 ...

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Ok, I played the Mass Effect Andromeda Trial for about an hour now. The game definitely feels like a Mass Effect game, the graphics are awesome and the combat is much more dynamic than in the Shepard games.

Character creation is pretty quick. You choose your gender, your background (which gives you your first skill and unlocks two additional skills you can then buy later), and customize his or her looks. Last but not least you can choose whether Shepard was male or female in your version of the ME universe. Not sure what this is for, but I guess Shepard might be mentioned a couple of times during the game.

It's also possible to save your character's looks and share it with friends. The character editor is not super-detailed, but it's at least easy to use and is IMHO way better than the one in Dragon Age Inquisition. I can't really compare it to the character editors in the other ME games, since I played "vanilla" male Shepard.

Luckily my PC can run the game on Ultra settings and 1920x1080 resolution fine. I tried setting supersampling to 200% which resulted in a very crisp image, but then the framerate dropped quite a bit from time to time. It wasn't unplayable or anything, just a tad choppy.

The music hasn't really impressed me that much yet. Back in the day when I first heard the Mass Effect theme song, I instantly got goosebumps. No such effect with Andromeda. The sound effects are top-notch.

The skill selection is huge (I just leveled up to level 2) and it seems you really can build your dream character. This is a great improvement over the class system of the old games. Overall there seems to be much more mechanical depth to skills, abilities, weapons etc.

I just stopped playing to have some lunch. I also don't want to spend the 10 hrs in just one sitting. I have to stretch it out for a while since the release is next week. ;)

I haven't tried multiplayer yet. Are there any questions?

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Are you planning to play Mass Effect Andromeda? I found the video below quite interesting. It gives you tips on the gameplay without spoiling anything.

By the way, if you're a Origin Access or EA Access subscriber, you can start downloading the Mass Effect Andromeda trial right now! My download is currently at 16% and I can't wait to start playing later today. As far as I know you can also keep your save game for the full release next week.


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Damn, I have this song stuck in my head ...

Wow! This is great news. It seems Wizards of the Coast has started making their classic D&D products on DriveThruRPG available as POD. Of course not all PDF products are also available as POD, but I am sure the list will grow eventually.

I really would love to get my hands on a couple of classic D&D books without having to rely on eBay. :)

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I think as long as I knew about roleplaying games I was looking for the “perfect” science fiction setting. Of course there’s no such thing. But there’s something close, a setting which I would love to run games in and which I can really make my own. During the last twenty years or so, I have created several homebrew SF campaign settings. But usually I am not perfectly happy with them. One reason for this is probably that I can’t make up my mind. I am always torn between the gritty hard science setting I’d love to play in and the space opera setting I could find players for.
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