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Ryan Broderick
Hamburger Helper is great.
Hamburger Helper is great.

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Check this weirdos that follow me on Google+

Klout just reminded me I had Google+ and about 10 seconds after writing this sentence I will promptly forget about it again.

The shit that you hate makes you special.

I wish I owned a car truck. Because I feel like car trucks are the best vehicle you can have for storing longboards. Oh, I'm super into longboarding now. I also work at a taco stand.

If you've been receiving spam emails from me, I wasn't hacked. I just think your penis should be bigger and want to show you naked pictures of me on facebook [dot] com.

I don't want you to think I'm hating on slothes. I think they're super chill. I don't know here this is coming from. Sorry everyone.

Imagine if instead of Godzilla vs. Mothra, it was Godzilla vs. Slothra? Also, doesn't the idea of a giant sloth disgust you?

In the instances of forest fires, many slothes do not survive as they are typically not fast enough to escape. #slothfacts

Google hangouts are a perfect way to telecommute an orgy.
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