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Jeremy Steele
Next Generation Minister and Writer
Next Generation Minister and Writer

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Any Skepticality fans in here? 

I'm concerned about how far our culture is growing from this way of Jesus and value of scripture:

With the Bible as our guide and Steve Jobs as our template... We can become more faithful and productive:

New to the community but I have been thinking a lot about the purpose of the scriptures and how they should shape how we study them: 

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Need some God-focused gift ideas for your teen?

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I know it can be hard finding god-focused gift ideas for your kids, so here's some of my recommendations!

Check my new ebook that explores the history, science, and archaeology of angels, Santa, the manger, wise men, and those pesky pagan roots of our holy season. It's called Investigating Christmas. This study will challenge you (and maybe your class) to stretch outside the typical box of faith this holiday:

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Ministry isn't marketing!  Well kind of it is, but it isn't… new skeptic pastor article-check it:

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Something I wrote for  I really thing that deep questioning is important for spiritual growth.
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