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How To Install Wordpress on Ubuntu
How To Install Wordpress on Ubuntu Step One—Download WordPress We can download Wordpress straight from their website: # wget This command will download the zipped wordpress package straight to your user's home directory. Y...

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How To Setup NFS Mount On Ubuntu
About NFS (Network File System) Mounts NFS mounts work to share a directory between several virtual servers. This has the advantage of saving disk space, as the home directory is only kept on one virtual private server, and others can connect to it over the...

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How To Do SSH Without Password On Ubuntu
1. ssh to server1 ssh myusername@server1 password: ssh -keygen -t rsa When you run this command you will be prompted to answer several questions. Just hit enter each time until you are returned to a prompt. Generating public /private rsa key pair. Enter fil...

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How To Install Ghost Blog On Linux
If you are using Linux on your desktop follow these steps: Log in to , and then click the blue 'Download Ghost Source Code' button On the downloads page, press the button to download the latest zip file & then extract the file to the locat...
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