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Day One- Tuesday 15th April
Las Vegas lights, MGM Grand, New York New York. Going through US immigration in
Minneapolis was an interesting welcome to America. It seemed that the officials
were completely thorough with their routine checks and examined all passengers
as a threat. My fi...

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Day Two- Wednesday 16th April
Children playing on slot machines at M&M World The Strip, in all its 4.2 miles inhabits
a select assortment of entertainment. Casinos, restaurants, clothing stores and
gift shops are a repetitive commodity that seems to take up the entirety of Las
Vegas Bou...

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Day Three- Thursday 17th April
        European style park in Town Center                          Outlet malls in America are a great
example of American’s need to be able to shop conveniently. Americans are able
to go to any store without leaving the building; food courts and a variety...

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Day Four- Friday 18th April
Fremont Street, example of 'in your face' advertisng America’s love of guns is an oddity to
many English people. The right to bear arms is written in the Constitution and many
Americans’ feel that the access to guns is a right that they many do not want
to ...

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Day Five- Saturday 19th April
The 'Bathtub ring' at Hoover Dam This day was one of the most surreal
days I experienced during this trip. Due to the variation of these small towns
that we visited, the differences between them illuminated. Boulder City is a quaint, serene town
that many o...

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Day Six- Sunday 20th April
Bikers on Route 66 The road in America is a significant
part of their history. We were able to experience a part of Route 66 which
enabled us to see that it is more of a tourist road and many Americans don’t
use this as there is a more convenient highway pu...

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Day Seven- Monday 21st April
The Grand Canyon- View from the South Rim The Grand Canyon is truly awesome. The fact
that is 277 miles long and 18 miles wide is just a factor in this amazing
natural beauty. The bottom of the canyon, at four billion years old, is
unimaginable. With around...

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Day Eight- Tuesday 22nd April
Vase at Twin Arrows Casino- Traditional Navajo Artwork America proves to contain masses of
differing cultures and histories. From Keyhole Sink where ancient Cohonina
petroglyphs are present on the lava covered limestone symbolising their lives
in this canyo...

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Day Nine- Wednesday 23rd April
Wupatki National Monument  Throughout the Navajo owned land,
commercialised places are present. Fast food restaurants seem to be everywhere
and Tuba City advertised these areas more than any cultural areas for people
passing through. However historical area...

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Day Ten- Thursday 24th April
Canyon De Chelly view from the top Canyon De Chelly housed many different
people throughout time, starting in 2500-200 BCE with the Archaic people. This canyon
provided a source of food and water which made it a bountiful place to live. Artefacts
have been ...
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