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I know everyone has heard this over and over from players but I have a stuck guardian portal that has been that way for a month. Who/where can I get help on this? 
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I have had rez on it from day one and it has never gone neutral or been captured. Is there a way to report and have this reviewed? I'm so close to fully badging out on Guardian I need this one corrected.
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Bait and Switch. Salesperson promised an extra 10GB of data as a promo but then when all was said and done they returned saying they couldn't get the system to take that promo so we would need to call back the next day to check on it. Called back, can't get that salesperson so got a manager who said he knew nothing about the issue and would speak to the sales person and call us back. A week later with no response I call him again, he says he emailed the sales person but had not got a reply, guess he manages by email and doesn't talk to his employees. Finally get call back from sales person who said she never said anything about an extra 10GB even though three of us heard her say it multiple times. On top of that I asked where the worksheet was that she had used and she said they always give it to the customer, NOT! On top of all that I hate being upsold and that is exactly what they do. You pick out a phone and a plan and they bring out a basket of over priced accessories. If you go here get everything in writing.
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