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Interlude: We've Got an Elephant!
Some writers seem to understand shape at some preconscious
level. It’s in their damn DNA, it’s so deep. Ian Rankin talks quite openly
about being his detective in first drafts – he has no idea where the story is
going; he discovers things at the same time a...

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Water and Ice
A post that first appeared on the very splendid Author Allsorts website. There’s this thing about writing and liquid – people talk
about the writing process like we’ve each got some sort of creative plumbing
system, and it’s either running smoothly or mis-f...

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Magical Thinking: The Tyre, Mud, Two Kids, Rules of Summer
When I meet distant acquaintances who know me as ‘that guy
who wrote a kid’s book’, they politely enquire after book two. “Writing another?” they say. I say yes. “Is it for kids again?” they say. (There’s
an implication here, and it’s “Are you
going to do a...

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The Sound of Missed Deadlines
A few days ago, the wonderful Chicken House announced the
shortlist of their Children’s Fiction Competition . I wish everyone on that list
the very best of luck. I’m a huge fan of the competition, and with good reason; I won it in 2013. But the shortlisting...

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Dial-a-Song was an answer-phone song-service set up by John
Flansburgh and John Linnell in New York in 1983. They had a scratchy lo-fi
college band called They Might Be Giants and at the time, it was faltering.
Flansburgh had his apartment burgled and a bun...

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The Thing in the Gap
A post that started life out at Author Allsorts. You may already be familiar with Ira Glass ’s beautifully
expressed insight into the thing he calls 'the gap.' If it’s new to you, I’m glad – you’re going to love it. I’m
just standing on the shoulders of gia...

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For A.K., who asked me where I find the time
This was June.  I got into work at 7am so I could leave on
the bell. Then I drove into Manchester and skirmished with afternoon shoppers
trying to find a parking space near Victoria Station. I knew if I managed to
get the Newcastle train on time both ways, ...

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Second Cheapest on the Menu
This post first appeared on the terrific Author Allsorts site, and in lieu of anything proper to say or news to report, I re-post it here. Everything's at crisis point at the moment and Nightwardens swallows all my time. There'll be a new post soon - I just...

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Tagged! The Chocolate Book Challenge
Last month a good friend of this blog - hell, a good friend of mine though we've only met once -  the tremendous Sarah Naughton , tagged me on The Chocolate Book Challenge , a neat little meme in which each blogger recommends three books in a chocolately ki...

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Tagged! Seven things...
Much thanks due to the dauntingly interesting, multi-talented Kerry Drewery who kindly tagged me on the Very Inspiring Blogger Award tag. Kerry's YA novel A Brighter Fear was shortlisted for the Leeds Book Award,in the same category as, but a year before Po...
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