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I have a spare copy of Hellfrost - Land of Fire core rulebook. If someone is interested, I am willing to send it to you as long as you pay shipping. So completely free, apart from shipping.

I am from the Netherlands!

Is there a spaceship character sheet for the sci fi companion?

Anyone have good suggestions for arabian nights inspired playing cards for hellfrost land of fire? I am not much a fan of the official one.

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Eclipse Phase for Savage Worlds, Version 4!

In my quest for simplicity, the document has been reduced to just 8 pages of rules. Furthermore, only the Savage Worlds Deluxe corebook is required, though the Science Fiction Companion is referenced in (optional) rules.

- Removed the Faction section. Savage Worlds character creation is more freeform, you can create a, Anarchist, Barsoomian or Hypercorp character, you can do so with the correct Edges and Hindrances.
- After experimenting with a custom Reputation system, I prefer the simplicity of the Connections Edge. The fact that the FATE version of Eclipse Phase also forgoes an in depth reputation system, made the decision final.
- Changed the Augmentation system to an Arcane Background, to remain closer to SWD. Furthermore, both Augmentations and Asyncs now work in the same way, making the game more grokable.
- Morph-creation remains basically unchanged, but easier to read and grok.
- Slight changes to Trauma.
- Removed the specified Psychosurgery procedures to a more freeform approach. If you have an ego uploaded to your personal simulspace, you can use the Knowledge (Psychosurgery) skill as if it was any of the other skills. You can use it as Intimidate, Fighting, etc.

Let me know what you think!

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Some three months ago, I shared my Eclipse Phase Companion for Savage Worlds. Since then, I have tinkered with the rules repeatedly trying to streamline the mechanics. My main goal was to keep the rules as close to Savage Worlds as possible, using the mechanics from the core book and the companions instead of creating new systems. I think V2 is much closer to this goal as was V1.

- Fixed the problem that Edge requirements were based on fluctuating morph attributes.
- Fixed the problem that Strength/Vigor focussed character concepts were punished harder for resleeving and death than Smarts/Spirit/Agility focussed characters.
- Character creation (and advancement) is practically identical to the core rules. Inferior Somatics is gone.
- Morph creation is simplified. There is only one basic morph, instead of the six types before. Morphs now only have two characteristics (its Attribute Maxima and optional Hindrances), all other abilities are handled via the augmentation system.
- Clarified the augmentation rules. You buy Power Points, which you can spend to acquire powers from the Super Powers Companion. Done!
- Stopped trying to reinvent the wheel with the reputation system, and just used the Connections Edge for each reputation network.
- Extended rules for Psychosurgery.
- New Derangements table based on Richard Woolcocks work for Creeping Dread, that fits better with Eclipse Phase than the one in the Horror Companion.
- References to the Wealth rules are removed. If you want to use Nemezis Wealth rules, go ahead, but its inclusion is optional (as always), so no use to list it in the document.

One remaining problem is the extensive references to both SWD and three other companions, making it hard to use this Eclipse Phase Companion if you don't have a giant collection of PEG books.

As usual, I welcome feedback!

What is your prefered way to handle the survival skill?

We are playing in a Hellfrost fantasy campaign in Orc occupied lands. Cut off from almost all civilization, the characters are dependant on their survival skills for food and shelter.

The rules state they can roll survival once a day in order to gather food and find shelter. I felt his made survivalling a bookkeeping chore. How much food do the players have in stock? How much did they forrage today? How much have they got left after the day? Another time, what should have been a couple of days of uneventful travel until the next encounter (using a narrative timeskip), got bogged down in repeated survival rolls for each day to determine the supplies after the timeskip.

I really don't like keeping track of that stuff, but I also don't want to punish being well prepared (having stocked up on food and supplies while in a friendly town, having invested in the survival skill). How do you deal with the skill in your campaign?

Furthermore, how much time does forraging take when rolling survival, or do you allow forraging while traveling,?

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Nova Praxis and Interface Zero weren't for me. So I decided to create my own transhuman ruleset.

I'd like to share my adaption of Eclipse Phase to Savage Worlds. I welcome all notes and criticisms to make it as good as possible before I decide to run it.

Any suggestions for a cool ice/viking/fantasy themed deck of cards for Hellfrost? Preferably somewhere that delivers to continental europe. The official deck is decent, but has those rune effects I could do without.

I am a bit lost on the chase rules using starships (from the sci-fi companion). If I have an advantage with a face card, I can fire all my weapons. If I just have an advantage, I can fire half my weapons.

My question is, do I fire all my weapons simultaneously, as one attack and damage roll combined, or do I fire each weapon independently.

I feel like rolling independently would rarely create a roll equal to the high thoughness of starships, but I cant find any mentioning of firing all at once.

Anyone have some good suggestions for online retailers of Savage Worlds that ship to the European mainland? Amazon has some books and companions, but shipping is often higher than the books themselves, if they even ship here.
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