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Change is the Key to Success
Change is the Key to Success

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My Hero Academia (Review)
So, I've been missing from this blog for almost 2 years due to relentlessly workloads and various circumstances. But here I am, rising from my grave thanks to this series. My Hero Academia (or Boku no Hero Academia, in Japanese) is one of the rising manga i...

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Taeyang, Rise Live in Concert Jakarta, 14 February 2015.
So 5 months ago, I did the most random thing in my life so far. Out of the blue, I decided to join my friends to watch Taeyang concert in Indonesia. I still don't get how or why this was happened since at first only 2 of my friends want to watch it. Serious...

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Ant-Man (Review)
If there's something that I hate from superhero movies nowadays, it's their need to make everything go bigger. From bigger blast, bigger destruction, bigger action scenes. In short, there's this need for every superhero movies to make it looks like the eart...

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Focus (movie review)
I watch it just because I have free ticket from my friend. I search about this movie on the internet and people say that it's a heist movie, similar with Now You See Me. That's why I get curious and end up watch it. This movie is so so. It's not bad, but it...

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Kingsman the Secret Service
Honestly, I have a high expectation for this movie. First, the actors. This movie boast ensemble casts with high profile such as Colin Firth, Michael Caine, Samuel L. Jackson, Mark Strong, even Mark Hamill. Second, it's a movie about spy and I love spy movi...

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Shaun The Sheep Movie
As you might know from so many post here, I love animation movie & Shaun the Sheep is one of my favorite animation. So it's not surprising when there's a movie about it, I decide to watch it without many hesitation. The story open with how Shaun was really ...

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The Imitation Game (Review)
I love movie. I love history. I love cryptography. I love to hear inspiring story about real people in this world. And I love Benedict Cumberbatch. Owing to those facts about me, it's not surprising that I really enjoy this movie. There's so many people rec...

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Kemasan Pangan Pintar
Kemasan pangan pintar adalah kemasan yang dapat menginformasikan kepada konsumen tentang kualitas, sifat dan kondisi produk pangan sehingga kesegaran dan keamanan dari produk pangan dapat dipantau. Saat ini kemasan pintar yang sudah digunakan adalah suatu l...

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This moment had me fanboying for days
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