I know the times have been changing for a while now, but I think one of the clearest reminders I have faced was last night with my 3 year old.
I was sitting on my bed with the Macbook Air while she watched videos on her iPad. She pointed to me using the touchpad and keyboard and said "daddy why does your iPad have that?" I said "what, the keyboard and touch pad?" she nodded and I proceeded to show her how the mouse works. She then said "why dont you just" as she extended her finger and touched the screen, then "urgh" when she realised it didn't work like that and went back to her iPad.

It wasn't all bad, later on she gave it another go and thought gliding her finger all over the touchpad and watching the mouse move was a great game...

What really tipped the scales was when later that night, I showed my wife a website I was working on. When it came time to scroll down she swiped at the screen! It truly puzzled her for about 10 seconds until she clicked, she was on a computer.

I dont think it'll be too much longer, until we see touch based laptops in the general population.
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