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Craig Dwyer
Principal, Teacher, Kyoto International School, 京都
Principal, Teacher, Kyoto International School, 京都

Start of the year (for some of us anyway)!

That new initiative or strategy are you looking forward to the most?

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Estimation Activities

Great warm-ups to tune into mathematical thinking.

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Highly recommend this video. Every one connected to math education should view. Worth your 50 minutes.

The next time someone says "real world math", look at it with caution and criticism. It is not about Real World or Relevance, it is about the Dial of Abstraction.

Turn the Mathiness down, then slowly turn it back up.

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Modelling and Language
I was modelling a math lesson the other day and the teacher who was observing took notes of everything I said. She typed it up and sent it back to me. I found it fascinating to see my own words reflected back to me. Great reflection. I highly recommend it. ...

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Instead of seeing an image/info-graphic and agreeing with it, lets look critically.

What is WRONG with this image?

WEEKLY DEBATE: Put these in order or importance.

- Knowledge
- Concepts
- Skills
- Character

(i know they are all equally important, just provoking a conversation)

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The Meta Unit (pt 1)
The Meta Unit (pt 1) This is part 1 of a series of blog posts tracking a change in practice we are trying this year. This idea came from our frustration with a very busy schedule where sequential Units of Inquiry left little breathing room on the calendar. ...
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