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Hong Kong Guide
A vibrant, bustling city
that seems to never sleep, Hong Kong is brimming with such dynamic culture. With so many
places to eat, things to see, and places to shop, it can be daunting to know
where to begin. Because my trip there was so last minute (I litera...

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Twirling in Tulle
My recent trip to Hong Kong was an unexpected and bittersweet
one. It was time to say hello to some, and time to bid farewell to others. In
between my many, many food adventures
and family time, I tried to get in some photo shoots, but if you’ve ever been

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Chocolate Peppermint Crunch Cookies
All I want for Christmas is…Nick Carter. Ok fine, something
more realistic? I’ll settle for some gooey chocolate peppermint crunch cookies
then. It’s the eve of Christmas Eve, so naturally I’ve been baking up quite a storm.
Chocolate and peppermint go hand ...

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Velvet Crush
never thought I’d be a fan of velvet. Since last wearing it in the 90s in
probably some ugly form of a dress that my mother forced upon me, I was glad
when the trend faded away and I never had to lay eyes on it again. That is,
until now. Velvet has made a...

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A Bonne Maman Holiday Dinner
Food brings everyone together, especially during the
holidays. One of the best parts of the season is spending time with loved ones
and stuffing your face to your heart’s content. But let’s be real, I pretty
much do that at every meal. I had the pleasure of...

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Italpasta Mac & Cheese
Mac and cheese is one of those comfort foods that I
constantly crave, especially during the colder months. Growing up, I was never a
huge fan of Kraft dinner. It always looked and tasted artificial to me and just
wasn’t all that appealing. But the Italpasta...

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Roasted Pumpkin Soup
When the temperature drops, there’s nothing I love more than
curling up with a soothing hot bowl of soup. And what better soup to heal your soul
during fall than a pumpkin one? I make this roasted pumpkin soup on rotation
throughout the colder months and it...

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Flip A Coin Tapas & Bar
Coming from a Chinese background, I can be rather picky when it comes to Asian cuisine. Don’t even get me started on Mandarin, Manchu Wok, or
Spoon and Fork. If you like any of those places we cannot be friends. Many Asian fusion restaurants have
popped up ...

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Just Peachy
With summer gradually winding down (insert crying face emoji
here), I’m making the most of these last few weeks of warm weather, patio
hangs, and numerous ice cream trips. This peachy dress is my ode to summer with
its soft, pastel palette. At first glance ...

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Tickled Pink
When your outfit matches a wall, you simply must pose for a photo in front of it. Although
the location for this photo shoot wasn’t exactly planned, I think it worked out
rather perfectly. Anything pink always makes me feel girly, and when you add in
some r...
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