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Wouldn't you rather play another Elder Scrolls single player, if the online game turns out to be another WoW or Guild Wars?
Put a little info here so that people know they have found the correct AbiusX. Please let me know if you ever found another abiusx.
  • Sharif University of Technology
    Software Engineering, 2012 - present
  • Shahid Beheshti University
    Software Engineering, 2006 - 2012
  • Allameh Helli
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Abbas Naderi
  • Etebaran Informatics
    IT, 2011 - present
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Tehran - Tehran
Very shady place. They patch up broken cars and sell it above market price so that you feel its in good shape, but it dies out a while after you buy it. Keep away!
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I was very unhappy with the service. I got the extended package, and was told it would take 30 to 45 minutes. It only took about 20. A very brief wiping of windows was done, while one was down (When I pulled it back up, it was dirty as hell). The vacuuming inside the car left a lot of hard to reach areas, like door storages and sides of seats untouched. I had a coat on the back seat, after everything was done I took that and there was a lot of dirt underneath, indicating that they didn't even move it when vacuuming! When I got home, I realized that there are a lot of finger marks as well as cleaning lines on the inner front window, up to the point where everything is barely visible and I had to clean it up myself. Paying $50 to get like 5 minutes of bad service is definitely not worth it. Bad business.
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The salon considers itself a fancy place and its team as color professionals but they are as ordinary as any cheap places. I had an appointment for 12:45, when I arrived I was told to wait 15 minutes for the colorist woman to come and receptionist told me that they had my wrong number so they couldn't let me know to come later but I looked at their screen, and my correct number was right there. She finally came at 13:30. Hurley (hair colorist) didn't take time to understand what I want, I showed her pictures of want I exactly want and even what I did not want. Even though I told her I wanted a Balayage and not an Ombre, she prepped for an ombre and I asked her again to make sure she understood, she told me that there's no real difference between the two! She was like "the previous dresser really messed up your hair and it’s too orange/brassy, and I'm gonna fix it for you", but then my hair turned out more orange that’s what I paid $150 for to get more messed up color! There was a blond girls right next to me (I have black hair). She was also really unsatisfied with color of her hair because her hair turned out to be brassy too, they were telling her that light is making your hair look brassy and backing each other up. When I told Hurley I don’t like the color she told me she liked it (I did not know she is the one who should have liked it) she treated me I'm confronting her because I don't want to pay, even though my hair didn't get any color after wasting some 3 hours there.
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Very bad service. I had a few recalls, and called to schedule early December. They gave me an appointment for mid-January, though I needed to take a long road-trip throughout the country in the holidays. It's not my problem that they make flawed cars. I was also told that the recall would take 30-45 minutes of work and I'll be good. Scheduled me for 10:30 AM so that it would be done before lunch. I took a country-wide roadtrip in the holidays and no problems with the car, it runs smooth and perfect. I take it to their service department, they tell me that its gonna take 4 hours, cuz there are 3 recalls and not just one. I leave my car and cancel the rest of my days appointments, and it takes their shuttle an hour to take me home. I wait up to 4:30 PM, no calls. Call the shuttle, tells me that the earliest he can take me back there is 5:45 (and they close by 6); I mean does it take 1:45 to go anywhere in Charlottesville!? Finally I get my car, and they charge me $20 for a bulb change ($1.5 material, $16 labor), something most repair shops do for free after 5 hours of wait. Now they are closing and I'm headed home, the engine light goes on, power steering seems to not work as intended (turns one way easily, the other way not so easy) and the car makes funny noises and rides crappy. I call them a few times and ask for the service advisor, to no avail. I leave a couple messages, no luck. I call everyone else there and tell me the situation, and I receive a call again from the service rep telling me that the problems have nothing to do with their service, and its unfortunate that they appeared out of the thin air, and also that they'd be willing to "take another look at my car", two weeks from now! I mean, I have to waste a few days of my time, call them a lot, pay, and get my nice car almost wrecked to get what they had to properly do the first time? Never gonna go there again, even for recalls. Save yourself some time and take your car to a worthy repair shop. I might even have to file a complaint to GM for this dealer.
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