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Helping companies communicate better with their audience.
Helping companies communicate better with their audience.

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Howdy folks. News & Notes (my e-newsletter) for January is live. This month features Setting Up Your Freelance Business for 2015, great article about taxes by Carol Tice and The Top 10 Ways Freelancers Get Screwed. Check it out. If you’d like to subscribe, visit I offer 2 free chapters about marketing & sales from one of my books as a bribe. Enjoy!

I’m curious. It’s just the kind of guy I am. What are your marketing plans for 2015? LOIs? Pitch letters? Direct response? Cold/warm calls? Web marketing?
P.S. If you haven’t put your plans in place, there’s still time. And a word to the wise. It’s best to write them down. Psychologically, it makes you accountable to have your plans staring you in the face. :-)

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A while back I posted about Carol Tice’s and my new book, “Freelance Business Bootcamp.” The book is based on a 4-week bootcamp we presented back in March. The book and the associated workbook are now available on my site, for those interested.
If you want to get your freelance writing business off to the right start, or help increase revenue for your existing freelance writing business, this is for you. Tap into our experience (Over 35 years. Geez I’m old) to launch your freelance business the right way, avoid common mistakes and make more money.

Here’s more info:

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Hey freelancers. Here's my Cyber Monday Deal:
My new e-book, Freelance Business Bootcamp, co-authored with noted writer and business coach, Carol Tice, is now available along with some nifty bonuses!

Get your copy of Freelance Business Bootcamp – The e-Book – and get all your freelancing questions answered by the delightful Carol  and me during a free teleseminar on Wednesday, December 3 at 8:00am EST / 11:00 PST. You’ll learn how to avoid all the dumb mistakes I made when I started out, 30 something years ago. Plus, the e-book is bundled with a 30-page workbook to help you get your freelance business is ship shape.

The book and workbook are based on a month-long bootcamp Carol and I presented. That was $200. You can nab the e-book bundle for under $10 today!

Learn more at:

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Here’s a Cyber Monday deal for all you freelancing buds!

Get your copy of Freelance Business Bootcamp – The e-Book and get all your freelancing questions answered by the delightful Carol Tice and me during a free teleseminar on Wednesday, December 3 at 8:00am EST / 11:00 PST. Yeah, I know it’s early, but it will be worth it. You’ll learn how to avoid all the dumb mistakes I made when I started out, 30+ something years ago.

Ask whatever you like. Setting up your freelance business the right way. Marketing. Rates and estimating. Proposals and estimates. Contracts and negotiating. Dealing with PITA clients. Managing clients and projects. And the big ones … getting paid and how to make more dough as a freelancer.

Here’s the e-book scoop:

How about getting 40+ years of freelancing know-how in a day? Okay … maybe a couple of days. No joke. Carol Tice and I presented a 4-week freelance business bootcamp covering freelance business basics and more. A lot more.

The Freelance Business Bootcamp e-book offers all the materials from that $200 bootcamp, in a handy, affordable format (actually several popular formats)! The e-book also includes all the questions we received from attendees at the end of each live bootcamp session, and our answers.

Now we’ve put it all together in an e-book that covers:
• How to start your freelance business … the right way
• Planning your business
• Keeping your business legal
• How to avoid scams and, frankly, how not to get … er … screwed
• Contract basics, what to look for and what all that legalese means to you
• Negotiation tips for getting top rates (and you can do it)
• Usage rights and why it’s important to keep as many as you can
• Managing clients and projects
• How to deal with difficult clients
• And much, much more.

The e-book has a ton of info, plus we included a workbook to help you put it all into action. It’s not a wimpy workbook, either. It’s 30-pages. If you want to be successful, you’ve got to do the [business] work.

All the info a freelancer need to start and be successful with a freelance business

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Howdy folks,
Just a reminder – Web Designer Essentials is still available to members of this community for the discounted rate of just $9.99 (Regularly $19.99) Use the code "webdesigners" (without the quotes) during checkout. #WebDesigners

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Hi folks,
I’m working on expanding my Web Designer book site into a membership-based community. It’s still pretty raw, but getting there. I could use your help. I posted a rough outline of one of the community features – Starting Up Your Freelance Web Design Business.
This area of the site will be something of a step-by-step tutorial with various downloads that relate to the content, along with other add-ons/info for subscribers. I'm also planning to have email support for subscribers with questions.

Is this something that you would find useful when launching a freelance Web design business? For veterans freelancers, would info like this have been useful when you started your freelance biz?

You can find the outline at  
Thanks! Your thoughts and comments are appreciated.

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Hi folks,
Any of these things ever happen to you?
• Took a major loss on a gig because your rates weren’t right?
• Had a client balk at your invoice, saying they never authorized that and that?
• Stayed up until the wee hours fretting about a proposal you need to write?
• Missed important deadline or fell way behind because your project management system could use some help?
I recently put together a compilation of business forms, questionnaires and spreadsheets, titled, Freelance Web Designer Essentials. Some of the files included are:
Project Approval Form (To get documented approval)
Change Order (Documents client changes and what those changes do it the budget and schedule)
Prospect/Client Questionnaire (for gathering initial project info)
Follow up Questionnaire (for after the project)
Sample proposal (a real proposal the won the project)
Proposal Template (based on the sample)
Hourly Rate Calculator (to determine your base hourly rate based on your situation, whether you bill by the project or hourly).
Also calculates sales goals. It’s usually better to charge by the project, but you’ll still need to know your hourly rate to draft an estimate or proposal that’s spot-on.
Website Design Estimator
This spreadsheet will calculate a Web design project. Just pop in your rates and hours.
There are several more. All forms are Word docs for easy editing and formatting in a page layout application such as InDesign or Scribus.
Freelance Web Designer Essentials is priced at $19.99, but I’m giving the members of this community 10 bucks off. You can grab a copy for just $9.99. Enter the code “webdesigners” (without the quote marks) to get your discount.
I’m only going to be running this discount offer until Wednesday June18.
If you’d like to learn more about Freelance Web Designer Essentials, here’s a link:

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For those just starting or considering a career as a freelance Web designer, I thought I'd share an excerpt from chapter one of my book, Starting Your Career As A Freelance Web Designer (2011, Allworth Press).
Have any of you experienced similar stuff starting out?

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I've been writing a lot about #typography lately. While researching stuff, I came across this article by John Siebert of Tranquil Blue, on Website Magazine and thought you folks might find it useful.
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