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+Doodle Maier From a guy a few miles from where i  live ....we got inbred rednecks,,but the further north you go, you get to one of the most progressive Bohemian communities in the US..Anthony Bourdain had an episode of his travel Channel series on the Hudson Valley,  about this area...soon, a drone plane will shoot us all dead,,,
really? Sounds like my kind of town (the inbreds, that is)
+Doodle Maier The women are shameless and have eyes where their sphinctres should be ....a bird's eye view during  69 oral sex...
Every man here seem had blinded For your eyes A wise man there can not judge a person by action and satire, without having to look at the reality and the facts, not by prediction ,issu, gossiping & rumours, guys let's we look at the glass ourselves, whether we are perfect.
Time as been before Edison maby we get back to where we once belonged
I know you got intellectual higher then me, but it's not the means you use it for make bad things, if you revenge
To me or if I did bad thing &is too heavy for my mistakes in the pardon, my sincere and patient with the punishment you gave, I just felt you made me as a sculpture on display, but you are playing behind monitor.I am accept if that can make you fell satisfied.
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