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Serious question - if the United States government cannot be held accountable to its citizens or any international body for flagrant violations of its own and international laws, what recourse do citizens have to remedy the situation?  Clearly, "vote them out" accomplishes nothing since it's a big revolving door of corruption and generally terribly human beings.

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I know this is being reposted like crazy but I honestly don't care at this point. The Republican party altered the rules of the House of Representatives through their control of the Rules committee, so that ONLY the Speaker of the House or his appointee can call for a vote on a merged bill. This means that only John Boehner or his appointee can call for a vote to reopen the government, whereas previously any member of the House could. 

So like hell is this "Obama's shutdown" - they planned this shit out months in advance. #shutdown  

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Yeah Wil Wheaton, nailed it.

Oh shit guys, hold on to your wallets, the Steam Summer Sale is live!

According to Justice Scalia: "We [The Supreme Court] have no power under the Constitution to invalidate this democratically adopted legislation."

Hey Scalia, I know it's been awhile since I took Government, and you sit on the Court and all, but I'm reasonably certain that is the entire point of the court.   #DOMA  

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Streaming the Dawngate beta if anyone wants to watch!

Ok what the fuck happened to G+?  Is it Tumblr now?

Post has attachment is Prop 8 even still being debated?
#marriageequality   #doma  

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The data used in the video is from 2007. Data from 2010 show that it’s getting even worse. There has been a 4% shift in the distribution curve from poorer to wealthier. The top 10% of the population own 77% of wealth (up from 73%), and the bottom 90% own 23% of wealth (down from 27%).

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