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99% of this world is brainwashed and the other 1% is maid up of the secret society that is controlling and rebels that see the light and think outside the box sometimes i feel i took one of those pills from the matrix its scary

Does any1 think the world is gone to end

Time is somehow moving faster

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If you look at the stats for every major social network (besides LinkedIN) there are actually more women users than men. Maybe women aren't signing up for Google+ because they thought it was a site for plus size women? Maybe the nerd quotient was too strong? But we all know that girls secretly love nerds. Are these jokes misogynistic? Here's an interesting take on the issue of women on G+:

A lot of humor tends to "put someone down" (and I'm not a fan of that). +M. M. Faulkner argues that these jokes would make women think they're not welcome on Google+. In particular she talks about Farmville jokes: people are joking that women will only come if there are casual games to play here on G+ and this paints women in a "silly" light. I don't consider gaming silly. "Play" is one of the most important parts of life. And more power to anyone who knows that playful spirit is important.

I appreciate her article. It made me think. But whatever the case, I don't think this male/female ratio will stay the same very long, and I doubt the statistics are even accurate. Google+ does not belong to men. As the .GIF illustrates, try to take something from a lady that's not yours, and you will pay the price!

so is google + a facebook killer

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