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Milton Ramirez
Milton Ramirez - Education, Tech, Media.
Milton Ramirez - Education, Tech, Media.

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Benefits of Holding a Master’s Degree
In spite of the professional success of many people who didn’t earn a college diploma, it is becoming clear that earning an education highly matters. Additionally, an undergraduate degree is not enough to land the well paying and solid jobs of the near futu...

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Tips for the Music Festival Season
By Jennifer Thayer* With Coachella taking place in the most recent past, music festival season has officially kicked off. For all you young wild and free college kids, this could be one of the first music festival seasons you'll experience as a young adult....

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Congressional Review Act Overturns the DOE's Teacher Preparation Rules
Politics k-12 The Senate voted 59 to 40 on Wednesday to overturn regulations governing teacher-preparation programs that were approved by the Obama administration late last year. Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., introduced the measure blocking the rules late last we...

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How to Pay Off Your Student Loans Quicker
By Jennifer Thayer* Whether you've graduated from university or you're heading off to college soon, there's a good chance that you will feel the impact of student loans. The cost of a four-year degree continues to rise, leaving many college students saddled...

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Top 5 Tools for Remote Education and Conferencing
The technological advancements have changed the way every individual in all industries lives. It has transformed the way people work, act and carry out day-to-day activities through the introduction of gadgets, tools, and features. Technological innovations...

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How You Can Get the Most Out of Your Graduate School Experience
By Christopher Dousharm* Chris received his master’s degree in Corporate and Organizational Communication, with a concentration in social media, from the College of Professional Studies at Northeastern University. Based on his own experiences, he's put toge...

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Why You Should Consider Completing an Online Health Care Course
Would you like to complete a health care course, but you are concerned about the cost and the amount of time you will need to focus on your studies? This affects many students and it often prevents them from starting a new professional course. However, ther...

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Why Learning Should be Fun
A college education is the accepted pathway between high school and a successful career . Every year, millions of students graduate from high school and enroll in degree programs, with a view to working hard and securing a well-paid job. Some of the most po...

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Education & Tech: 2016 Year in Review
This year here at Education & Tech we relied on guest writers for the most part. As an editor, I focused primordially on the round ups promoting and presenting relevant links to important topics generally based on education. I also have to mention that Educ...
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