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Matt Bates
Web Developer, Gamer, Brewer
Web Developer, Gamer, Brewer

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+Make: magazine published my article!
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How to etch measurement markings on the inside of a kettle. This is really helpful if you're doing batches of things like candy or homebrew. The tutorial shows just how easy it can be and it looks pretty good too!

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Here's a link to my full article mentioned on the cover of the latest issue of 'Brew Your Own' magazine.
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In the last 20 weeks I've brewed 50 gallons of beer (thats a 5 gallon batch every 2 weeks) and I can barely keep up. Now if only I could remember how much I gave away and how much I drank...

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my latest pilsner is starting to look good.

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*How to add permanent volume markings to a kettle*

I wasn't originally going to post this on here but it received such an overwhelmingly positive reaction on reddit (becoming the most popular post of all time in /r/homebrewing and the 3rd most popular post of all time in /r/DIY) 

Here are the reddit links.

They point to this imgur album ( which has the instructions.


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Attention #breakingbad   fans... The final episodes are now available on Netflix.

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