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On Her Majesties Shiten Service
The door
lurches open at Shiten’s secret Whitehall HQ.   A red bowler hat spears through the air and hits the unsuspecting
secretary square in the nose.   “Sorry
Miss Mamepenny”, says a drunken voice from the shadow of the doorway.   “You REALLY live up to ...

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Shite Trek – The Journey Home
Captain’s Log Supplemental Due to disruptions in
the space-time continuum, sub space communications with Starbase Shite have been severely disrupted but we think the Shitesurprise’s boosted
signal is now coming through……… Stardate 28-02.1230 As the conferen...

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Shiten Pouge’s Gallery Pt.9
Name: Les Storey AKA: Grandpa / Grown Up Baby Position: Shiten Founder & First Aider Status: Being Sarcastic Claim to Fame: Cupping Pele’s “luv spuds”, World Cup 1966 Profile Les’s Ferry cross the Mersey was torpedoed by
the WBS and he was found years later...

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Shiten Pouge's Gallery Pt.8
Name: Dougie
Mudd AKA: Fingers Position: Shiten Coffin Maker Status: Having a snooze Claim to Fame: Still being able to count to ten without taking his socks off! Some people
say that they would give their right arm to be a member of the SBS but this man

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Shiten Pouge’s Gallery Pt.7
Name: Will Baddeley AKA: Woodnibbler Position: Artistic Dictator Status: Covered in Sawdust Claim to Fame: Displaying a "dead" tree at Gingko Profile Hedge poaching ex-chorister Will’s rise to Artistic Dictator was seen by some as “sudden” but he had been o...

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Shiten Pouge’s Gallery Pt.6
Name: Alex Mai Tai Bonsai AKA: Dusty Position: Member (Probationary) Status: Buying Pots Claim to Fame: Giving Faisel a run for his money! Profile Smooth, suave,
sophisticated ceramics connoisseur Alex is a recent convert to the cause.   Introduced to us by...

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Shiten Pouge’s Gallery Pt.5
Name: Jose AKA: Sam Position: Shiten Interpreter Status: Making Beautiful Gardens Claim to Fame: Excellent sense of direction! Profile Jose’s Shiten journey started as a spiritual seeking out of the ceramic sensei Stone Monkey in 2012. Since then he has ne...

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Shiten Pouge’s Gallery Pt.4
Name: Simon Jones AKA: Ginga Ninja Position: Fire Safety Officer (Provisional) Status: Being a Cock Claim to Fame: The World’s most expensive bonfire Profile Simon's war cry of "your trees are shite" should and could have got him automatic membership to the...

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Shiten's Scheming Scientists Shock Society (Saves Shiten Scribes Sanity!)
For those fitness fanatics amongst us you will
be familiar with the concept of Fitbit , Shiten's scheming Scientists have
managed to combine the benefits of state of the art micro technology with a
pile of Shite and we are launching Shitbit © a new

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Missed Us?
Apologies Shite-Fans but due to a Monumental Mame Mental Meltdown it now seems that our Shiten Scribe is now (almost) fully operational* again.  He has managed to filter through much of life's ongoing Shite with the help of our Shiten Scientists (more on th...
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