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Graduation Alliance
Advancing lives, powering the nation.
Advancing lives, powering the nation.

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Another February graduate! Congratulations to Madison in Washington for completing your courses and earning your diploma! #Reach

Congratulations to Mikayla, a student in Washington, on graduating with her high school diploma! Proud of you! #Reach

Congratulations to 2 of our awesome students, Rochelle and Tiara, both of whom recently graduated from the program! We are so proud! #Reach

Congratulations, Kristina, in Washington! We're so proud of you for graduating with your diploma! Way to #Reach for your goals.

Bridgette, a student in Washington, recently graduated! Congratulations, Bridgette! #Reach

Congratulations to Asmerom, one of our students in Washington, who recently graduated. What an awesome accomplishment! #Reach

"The past is a ghost, the future a dream. All we ever have is now" — Bill Cosby. Now is the time to #reach for your goals!

We'd like to congratulate Donovon in Nevada for graduating! This is a great accomplishment for him. #Reach

Congratulations to Alanna, a recent graduate from our program in Washington! We are so proud, and we wish her the best! #Reach

Happy New Year! We wish everyone the best and hope 2014 this is the year you #Reach to be the best you can be!
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