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Women's Fashion: Business Suits
photo credits to: A review of history will disclose how far women had traveled to reach its place in the working world. Despite that, women continue to pursue their advocacy of equality with men in the workplace. This cause is shared by...

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Online Shopping: The Overview
photo credits to: Technological breakthroughs gave way to revolutionary changes in education, commerce and communication. Aiming to provide more efficient and effective ways to attain various company goals, e-shopping or online shopp...

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Wedding Day: Buying the Wedding Suit Online
photo credits to: Weddings are milestones in the life of the person. Foremost of all, deciding to get married is like standing in the middle of a crossroad. Trying to take a glimpse of where the road is leading, extra caution is observed kno...

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Women's Clothing Style Timeline
The need for clothing started as early as the creation of mankind. As depicted in ancient paintings and sculpture, the first form of clothing were plant leaves and tree barks. Its purpose was just to cover the sexual part of both sexes. Come to think of ...

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Fashion Trouble? Believe in You
Believing in you is the key to everything. You have to trust your own thoughts, your own judgement and your own skills. It doesn’t matter if everyone doesn't agree with you, you can't please everyone. From small decisions like what would you wear for the da...

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Women’s fashion: Before and after
Photo credit by There is a very big difference
between the women before and the women today . The way they talk with others has changed, the way they deal with problems has also changed, the way they are
accepted in the society and the fash...

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Women’s Fashion: What it Really Takes
Things women consider when choosing what to wear: Brand - Color - Style. When you open your closet, have you ever felt like you do not have anything to wear even if you have a lot of clothes in front of you? It is the nature of women to stay for a couple of...

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You look great, Irina! I love how you matched up the jacket and the dress. :)

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This is a great idea, especially for the disabled! #awesome #coolstuff  
The Kenguru Electric car allows people in wheelchairs to drive without ever having to leave their chair. 

Check out 9 more ingenious inventions for people with disabilities:

#inventions   #technology   #disabilities   #innovation  

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