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LGBT workers should interview prospective employers as much as they interview us. Here are three ways to make sure that next job offer is worth it. #QueerMoney #LGBTRights #QueerCareers
LGBT Job Seekers Should Be Proud and CautiousWe think it’s important to build a financially strong LGBTQ community. That’s because the stronger we are financially,
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Thinking about becoming a homeowner or buying a new home? There's a lot of information out there about what expenses to consider, but most information misses these expenses. +PolicyGenius 
Even the smartest homeowners who budget for homeowner expenses often forget these costs. Keep these expenses in mind to avoid financial surprises.
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Hate your job but can't quit? We've all been there. Here are 12 survival tips to help you survive.
Hate your job? Here are some survival tips that can help you until you find something better.
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Are you struggling with and tired of your debt? Do you have a New Year's Resolution to become debt free?

The first step to be #DebtFree is to #BeMoneyConscious. Join us for our January 2017 #LiveDebtFree Podcast Series. You'll learn about this most important concept and we'll give you a #FREE tool to master it.

Make 2018 the year you look back and say, "I achieved my goal last year." #QueerMoney #BeAwesome
We’re excited today to kick off our month-long Four Principles of a Debt Free Life Series! Throughout the money of January 2016, we’ll cover each of the four
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Thanks to the great people at and for doing such a nice review of mine and David's book, 4: The Four Principles of Debt Free Life. We're really honored.
In a Nutshell: Denial is a powerful tool, and can be used with great effect to hide from any number of things — including massive debt. However, as John Schneider and David Auten learned (the hard way), you can only hide from your debt for so long before it becomes a monstrous $51,000 problem. John […]
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Get healthy with these 5 slow cooker meals that practically cook themselves while you are at the gym. #SlowCooker   #Healthy  
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In planning our trip to Ibiza and then Sitges, Spain, we read the fine print of our travel rewards card and scored a few days in London, England. This is how we did it and this was our experience. #TravelHack #GayLondon #QueerTravel #DevilsInTheDetails
Continuing our series on gay travel, we’ll tell you about our travels to London, England or, as we call it, gay London. We’ll also tell you about the travel tip that
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What's the most important thing wealthy people do that you don't do? Find out on this #QueerMoney and get our FREE tool to help you master this physics-like #DebtFree principle.
This is week two of our month-long Four Principles of a Debt Free Life Series! Throughout the month of January 2016, we’re covering each of the four principles we
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Did you know your career choice could be holding you back financially, that your professional colleagues could be making it harder or more expensive for you to get a loan? These could be adding thousands of dollars in extra costs. Here's what you should know. +NerdWallet
If you’re making a financial resolution for the new year to tackle debt through consolidation, your occupation could affect the terms of a personal loan. Frequent
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Thanks +MarketWatch and Maria LaMagna for sharing our Twitter feed.
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Check out this great podcast with +Jenn T. Grace and the +Debt Free Guys! We talk about helping and branding the queer community. #QueerMoney   
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Who are the Debt Free Guys and what is #QueerMoney ? We never told these stories! #MeetDFG   #NowWePodcast   #YouTubeStars  
Who Are The Debt Free Guys?We're the Debt Free Guys and this is The Queer Money Show, the only show talking about the financial nuances of the LGBTQ
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