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Great to see you blogging again and I totally agree that we need to stand up and be counted in the consultation if this scheme isn't going to be watered down.

Think we should be more positive about the parts of the proposals you mention. Even in Groningen (Dutch city with highest cycling share), some of the main streets in the centre are shared between lots of buses and bikes. As for Gower St, many of the best cycling cities put in light segregation and then upgrade it in the next few years.

By contrast, you've not said anything about New Oxford St. The consultation acknowledges how unpleasant and congested it is but the main proposal is to raise the carriageway to slow traffic! Gt Russell St would remain one-way so no way round the jams.

New Oxford St should be made bus and bike only west of Gower St, taking out one general traffic lane to create wide cycle lanes. Charing Cross Road is supposed to be bus and cycle only too, once Crossrail is finished. Also worth pushing to reduce the number of routes to be able to drive across Tott Ct Rd as part of a traffic zone approach (as proposed in the new London Cycling Design Standards).

It's these bigger issues of traffic routing that we should prioritise and be making alliances to lobby for, the detail of separation techniques can come later.
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