Community Posts Need to Go into the Members' General Streams

Okay, it's been a wild and crazy first day with the new Communities functionality, and I'm totally overwhelmed. I'm stamping out SPAM as fast as I can, and it's coming in by the torrent. But then, I was lucky enough to set up a community that already has nearly 9000 members. I could have worse problems.

But I already think I see a flaw in the implementation. People are madly setting up communities and joining them, but 99.9% are going to disappear. Not because they're bad, but because people have no ongoing connection to the Community. Unless you check out the Communities tab from time to time, you'll have no idea what's going on in those sections.

What we have right now is exactly the same as the Saved Searches or Sparks. How often do you check your Saved Searches?

I'm seeing people double post, into their stream and then again into the Community. But that just increases the noise. I don't think that's the goal.

So here's my suggestion:

Community Posts Need to Go into the Member Streams

If we're all spending time watching our streams, we'll never see the Community posts. People know that, so they'll never make Community posts, so the Communities will die on the vine.

But if the posts made to the Communities are inserted into the streams of the people who joined the Communities, then people will be more confident that their posts will be seen.

This might be overwhelming to the streams, of course. If you joined the Space Community, and got all these posts in your stream, you'd probably want to leave the Community. And that's probably a good thing. It encourages me as a moderator to crack down on the SPAM and off topic posts to make it a good experience for everyone involved.

Alternatively, Moderators could choose which posts break out

Instead of releasing the full Community feed back into the Member streams, the Community moderators could click boxes beside posts they feel are good enough to get out into the main streams of the Members. Then the Members would be incentivized to post higher quality. 

Obviously some people will be self serving and use this as a way to SPAM their members, but I suspect that'll be self regulating as people leave the Communities that abuse this ability.

Alternatively, Member votes decide which posts break out

Thanks to a suggestion from +Sabin Iacob, Google should also look into some kind of Member voting system, like Reddit or Digg, where high quality posts are promoted by the Members. Good posts can spill out into the main streams of the Members, and bad posts sink down into obscurity.

Does this make any sense?
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