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This is excellent, if you are a Breaking Bad fan then it is a must watch. 
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Sadly, this is still a mystery. It's hard to think that someone so engaged with an online life would just decide to drop off entirely.

I hope everything is OK for him. But it has given me pause to think about the exclusively online friendships I've made over the years. Specifically, is this how they end...wrapped in the mystery of not ever truly knowing what happened? 
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I ordered myself the Ales 3-pack. Check out the coasters too, which they come with the 3-pack or you can order them individually.

I was debating the Drink Local or the Expedition Edition, but the Drink edition fits more to my style. #Alcoholic  
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You know me. I'm the moleskin douchebag
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Once Mavericks officially launches I recommend any person with a MacBook that benefits from the App Nap feature to download BetterSnapTool. I currently have 5 keyboard shortcut setup with BST to resize, move, and restore windows to different positions/sizes. 

"I firmly believe that when OS X Mavericks launches that I will most likely be using BetterSnapTool more than ever. I already use it quite a bit on my iMac, but on my MacBook Air I rarely use it as I may only have 2 or 3 applications open at a time. Most of the time I am using fullscreen apps on my MacBook Air since it is only has an 11" screen and fullscreen apps offer a much better viewing experience as I can see quite a bit more on screen. With the App Nap feature in Mavericks I will have an actual need to resize windows that I am not using in fullscreen mode to preserve the already stellar battery life I get on my MacBook Air. The thought of getting even better battery life on my MBA is music to my ears, having an easy way to manage the applications running to help increase that battery life is something I don’t want to think about. BetterSnapTool offers me that aspect of not having to think about management of open windows and offers it in an easy to use way!"

#OSX   #BetterSnapTool   #Mavericks  
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+Joe Ekiert  there is a trial if you want to play with it first. Also, BetterTouchTool has most of the same features for free. But BST offers just the window snap stuff. 
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christopher rizzo

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Both iCloud and iMessage were down for me yesterday. I wonder what is going on with their servers, I don't think I have have ever had a similar experience with anything else ever going down so much. 
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I never knew you were so lucky. Lady Luck must be smiling upon you:)
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christopher rizzo

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The Red Sox look like this years World Series champions. I can't see any of the teams left beating them. This post season has been awesome as far as the games played,  except for the Braves series. Did I mention how much I hate the Dodgers?  The Giants forum board is going to get trolled to hell if the Doyers with the W.S.  Not looking forward to that. 
Movin’ on! Red Sox advance to #ALCS for 1st time since 2008.
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+Geoff Atteberry  could you imagine an A's vs. Pirates W.S.? I'd actually be excited for that. 
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christopher rizzo

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Et oui s'est sa le cinéma il y a la force en lui mais il n'est pas souple il a du mal a soulever sa jambe ;)
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christopher rizzo

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AirDroid quit working for me on 4.3, or the Screenshot aspect of it quit working not that actual app. Anyway, if you are rooted and want to mirror your screen to your computer then I can recommend BBQScreen. It works about the same as AirDroid did, lots of lag and pixelation when playing games but works nonetheless. If you are not trying to screen capture games or video then most other app types look great when mirrored. Not as great as AirPlay but good enough. 

I thought about getting a Chromecast so I could mirror it that way to my t.v. and use my PVR to capture the screen but that seems like too much work. 
BBQScreen lets you see your Android device's screen on your computer at ful...
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Chrome spam.  To remove the unwanted spam from Chrome that gets displayed on your OS X menu bar, go to chrome://flags and look for 'rich desktop notifications' set it to DISABLED.

#WhyIOnlyUseSafari   #OSX   #Chrome  
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Sure I try never to use the flags. I would have hoped these settings were better exposed in the normal Chrome settings.
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christopher rizzo

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The android community is almost as bad as the windows community. I guess having the most users means the most dick-heads too! 
So far, I'd say that the Note 3 Review has been received warmly - though discrepancies seem to be surfacing in relation to our own experiences with the battery vs. everybody else's. Maybe we got a bad set or perhaps we weren't expecting them to drain as quickly as they did or possibly our use wasn't "optimal" compared to whatever.

The thing I simply can't get over is just how many fucking assholes still exist in the #Android community; despite sharing an OVERWHELMINGLY positive review with the world, some insecure males have seen fit to nitpick parts of our experience that their own world view didn't fit, deciding to spew misogynistic remarks and character assassinations. 

So, our experiences are wrong - even though they happened and still remain our experiences. Got it. 

I said it years ago and it still rings true: the absolute worst part of Android is 99% of its core community, and Google+ unfortunately remains the biggest cesspool for bigotry and slanted groupthink. 
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+christopher rizzo that's exactly it, when you appeal to the masses, that means you'll have an abnormally high amount of idiots, jack asses, big mouths, etc.  I feel no shame in preferring Windows and Android, but I can explain why on a technical level why it's "best for me".  And at the same time I could say a ton I hate about both platforms (which I do, but never voice on here) and even more about the user base.  But I try not to focus on the negatives because they are over whelming and it's simply worrying about stuff you can't control, so it's fruitless.
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christopher rizzo

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He forgot the biggest downfall of G+, the google trolls!  But I agree with almost every point he makes. I don't care to see post that people I follow +1  from people I don't follow or have an interest in following. 

Linking all the other google services like YouTube has made G+ a lot less appealing to want to use. 
Google+ is fast becoming Google’s worst product

Google really has managed to mess up Google+, big time! I’m starting to really hate it here. It’s turning into facebook, something I never expected or wanted. It just seems to be getting worse and worse. 

Engagement is down, this seems to be across the board. Engagement is nowhere near as high as it used to be. For example in Cadbury UK’s last post, about 300 people engaged. That’s rounded up. They have about 3,000,000 million followers (rounded down) but only 1/10,000 people actually engaged with this post. 

The stream is broken! I don’t even think the volume controls on circles even work, because I don’t see the amount of posts from certain individuals I should. So how many people aren’t seeing my posts who should? For that matter yours posts. Furthermore I’m seeing posts from people who I haven’t even added to my circles. I’ve been pruning my circles lately, I dropped over 1,000 people from my circles in a day to try and sort out my stream, although it’s not working. Everytime I see content from somebody and I don’t like what I see I uncircle them, except often they’re not in my circles so I can’t uncircle them!  It’s not just people, I have communities which I’ve opted out of seeing posts in my home stream from and yet, there they are in my home stream. The home stream is broken!!

For example when searching “//” and then limiting it to posts from people in my circles, I see lots of posts that should have been in the stream that aren’t. Many of these people are in high volume circles yet their posts aren’t coming into my stream. These are posts I want to see! These are also people who appear highly in the “relevant” section of my circles. So IF Google does have a relevance algorithm for ranking posts in the home stream it’s clearly not working! Give us control of our stream back! Give us sorting options. What if I just want to see photos, or just links, or just text posts and so on. Let me choose how I see my stream! That was one of the things I loved about Google+, control and how much control you had over your home stream. Now it’s like facebook, no control and all you’re seeing is junk!

What’s hot makes absolutely no sense whatsoever anymore. It used to, you used to see popular posts in there. Often the posts were good, sometimes you’d get crappy posts but now it’s worse. 90% of what’s in the What’s Hot stream is one, junk and two, it’s not even got much engagement!  I know it’s meant to be recommended but it doesn’t do a very good job of it. It was much better where it was simpler and everybody sees the same What’s Hot stream and it really was popular posts. 

The SUL really is a mess. Many brands on the SUL are barely engaging or aren’t even active much on Google+ compared to any networks, that’s probably because of how low engagement seems to be getting on Google+. As for the people on the SUL, that’s even worse! The people that end up on the SUL aren’t even that active on Google+, whatever happened to the real people on the SUL that were active. Why aren’t they adding real active people to the SUL? As well as active brands. I see a few brands that are active on Google+ and posts often and posts good posts but have a small following and they haven’t been added to the SUL despite them being more active than brands that are. I think it’s time to change who manages the SUL because lets be honest they’re not doing a very good job of it!

Many people who were or have been on the SUL are no longer that active on Google+ and many don’t engage or post much. I’m not mentioning any names or pointing fingers but my point is they’ve obviously been choosing the wrong people to put on the SUL.

Support, there’s none. There’s a helper community which is great if you need help but if something is broken for you and you need a Googler it’s impossible! There’s Google groups but that makes no sense. Why is support on Google Groups when we now have communities? It makes no sense at all! Some people have parts of their Google+ broken they’ve asked for help and nothing has really happened, I know Google+ is free and we shouldn’t expect support on a free product but this is just leading to a poor user experience and that’s why many people left facebook in the first place. 

What about community managers, that aren’t even posting or really being active in the community, isn’t it their job? I know they have other responsibilities but when you see that Googlers aren’t really engaging on Google+ it really does make me wonder what’s happening to Google+, when Google employees aren’t using it.

I’m surprised I’m actually writing this. I love Google, I love it’s products and the things it does. I often feel like an unpaid brand advocate but it seems like Google+ is fast becoming Google’s worst product.  *They need to change this, it’s probably time to change Google+’s management team before it’s too late. Something has to be done!*
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I use my circles also, but seeing content that someone in circle +1's isn't doing me any good, especially when I don't have any interest in that subject. It just clutters up my stream. 
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