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Michelle Scarbrough
We live in Asia. My life is exotic. Or so I tell myself.
We live in Asia. My life is exotic. Or so I tell myself.

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And Then She Was Five
This blog seems to be mostly dead these days, but we did have a birthday recently, and Lane did remind me to ask them these questions. So here are Noel's answers. Maybe someday I'll get back into the habit of blogging, but not likely soon. =) 1. Your favori...

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24 Months Old
And here we are. My baby is two. At 24 months (ok, ok, almost 25 by now) Raye: *has 23 teeth. Only one more to go! *is paci-free when she sleeps. I took her paci away when Shannon left town for a couple of weeks (told her it went bye-bye with daddy). It was...

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And Then She Was Two
Rainbow all-around! Little Miss Raye turned two on May 1st. Shannon was scheduled to be out of town that weekend, so we had planned on having her party the weekend before, but then he ended up taking a last-minute trip to the States, so we had to postpone h...

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Baltic Adventures (Part 3)
Family photo across the Neva River from Peter and Paul Fortress Well I am quite behind on blogging about our Baltic Adventures, but here I am. We'll see if I can remember how things went almost nine months ago. We arrived into St. Petersburg in the early af...

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23 Months Old
Attacking her sister. A favorite these days. I'm late. Again. Can't believe my baby, and likely my last baby, will be two in 20 days! At 23 months old Raye: *has her two bottom molars. They're not all-the-way popped through yet, but definitely on their way ...

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And Then She Was Six
Well, once again, better late than never. We headed to the States for a month one week after Lane's birthday, so blogging has definitely been on the back burner. I mean, it's been on the back burner for years, but all the's worse when you're trave...

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And Then She Was Four (2nd time around)
The birthday girl with her cake. Well I'm a few months late, but better late than never. December and January are always crazy for us, anyways, and this year we took a trip to the States for the month of February. So I'm just now getting back into the swing...

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22 Months Old
A middle-of-the-night snooze in Ataturk Airport in Istanbul. We were traveling the whole month of February so I'm a bit behind on my kids' posts. But as bad of a blogger as I am, I've tried really hard to keep track of their first two years' of life, so her...

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20 Months Old
A week or so ago Raye turned 20 months old. She's: *potty trained! Or we're working on it, at least. She's doing pretty well, has an accident every now and then, but for the most part she's doing well and telling us when she needs to go. Hopefully by the ti...

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19 Months Old
Another month has come and gone. So crazy how quick the time goes! Raye is now the same age that Lane was when we went to the Canary Islands. When we taught her how to sleep in a big-girl bed (WHAT were we thinking?!?!). When I was six-and-a-bit months preg...
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