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Wife, Mum, Radio presenter, yoga teacher & blogger.
Wife, Mum, Radio presenter, yoga teacher & blogger.


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Sticking it to cancer
In the last 24 hours two women I know have lost their lives to cancer. Yesterday evening I received a message that my brother-in-law's mother had passed away surrounded by her sons. She had been a carer for her husband for 30 years and enjoyed only 6 years ...

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Thank you for the music, the laughter and the love
Yesterday was a tough day. I had intended to write a post while the boys were at football, but just before they left I got a text message. A friend I love dearly is seriously ill and has days to live. She is the same age as me and we have been through a lot...

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Book review: We are Family
When we first adopted Blue Bear he was very young and didn't talk much. He did, however have a love of books and enjoyed listening to stories. We had always read to Brown Bear and he loved books, so I was keen to share a love of reading with Blue Bear too. ...

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Sunday is family day - whatever kind of family you are
We had a family day today. A late lie in then Hubbie and Brown Bear went out for a bike ride while Blue Bear and I moved furniture and listened to the Archers omnibus. Ok that was mostly me, but he was keeping me company. We sat down for lunch together and ...

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David Bowie didn't worry about being 'normal'
For the first blog post of 2018 I had intended to do one of those looking back on the year just gone and reflecting posts. You know where I would figuratively tip my head to one side and go misty eyes while remembering how Blue Bear started at 'big school' ...

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Practically perfect - skiing at Christmas with Mark Warner
The fabulous view from our balcony  I learned to ski about 15 years ago on a holiday with friends who had been skiing since they were very young. It was while having lessons in Meribel that I made the decision that if I was to have children I'd introduce th...

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So that was Christmas
And what have you done ? To misquote John Lennon. I only ask because not everyone is all singing and all dancing about Christmas. It's taken me most of my life to work out how to do Christmas in a way that doesn't make me stressed or upset. Mostly it involv...

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I'm out of Whamageddon... no it's ok I'm fine.
I was doing so well until this last week when I took the boys to the barbers for their seasonal haircuts. It was all going swimmingly then the festive music started up on the radio and it happened. The one tune I had managed to avoid all December finally ca...

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I've made my list... I've checked it twice...
Christmas is a busy time. As well as all the things we have to do with school - nativity, school fair, teacher gifts and cards for friends - there is the family stuff to do - buy gifts, wrap gifts, decide what day we're visiting who - and then I throw in th...

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Drumroll please for the big reveal...
So this weekend at least a month after we finalised all the details we finally told the boys about the special holiday we have planned for us all. The ski clothes have been bought, the airport taxi booked, passports checked and a few lightweight items picke...
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