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Fall is coming! Check your indoor air quality

Fall is just around the corner. So, heating season will begin soon. This is the best time of year to have the indoor air quality tested. This will help significantly reduce issues such as condensation, mold growth as well as allergic reactions, flu and cold like symptoms due to poor indoor air quality. A comprehensive air quality test will show you what needs to be done in your home or office to improve the indoor air quality and breathe better.

Talk to us today about your indoor air quality concerns and if an indoor air quality test is right for you.
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Indoor Air Quality and Your Health
If you’re not feeling 100% at home or at your office, it could be poor indoor air quality. The air you breathe is like the food you eat. Bad food equals upset stomach and poor health. Bad air equals allergic reactions or also bad health in the long run.
Good indoor air quality is extremely important if good health is important to you.
Good indoor air quality can only be achieved if you know where you need to improve the indoor environment of your home or office.
A comprehensive indoor air quality assessment can show you how to improve the indoor air quality of your home.
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Worried about Lyme Disease? We can help!

If you believe you have symptoms consistent with Lyme disease, have been bitten by a tick or have been diagnosed with Lyme disease, give us a call today.

Good indoor air quality as well as making sure you do not have an indoor mold growth issues is extremely important. Lyme disease can cause a serious of serious health issues. Mold growth, airborne mold spores as well as poor indoor air quality will have a negative effect on your Lyme disease treatment. In addition, it is also believed that mold and poor indoor air can increase the chances of contracting Lyme disease.

We can test the indoor air quality of your home to ensure the health and safety of your whole family! Call us today.
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Indoor Air Quality and Health

Many of our clients call us on a daily basis concerned about allergic reactions or possible health issues associated with the indoor air quality of their residence or place of work.

Some of these clients suffer from mild to severe allergies or have had recent illnesses or surgeries that require them to live in an indoor environment with good air quality.

Poor indoor air quality can have a direct effect on breathing, eye and nose irritation, skin issues as well as headaches, nausea and vomiting. In some cases more severe and long term health issues.

Have a complete air quality assessment performed by us and we can tell you what you are breathing in.
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Indoor Air Quality Test
Having allergies or health issues at home or in your office. You may benefit from an indoor air quality test. Our testing programs can determine if you live in a healthy home or work in a healthy office. Good indoor air quality has a direct effect on your health, well being, happiness and productivity.
Poor indoor air quality can affect your breathing, lead to skin and eye irritation, sinus issues and can also leas to more serious and long term health concerns.
We can test your indoor air quality for mold, airborne dust, chemicals, gases, ventilation as well as a whole series of specialized tests.
Call us today.
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Lyme Disease and Mold Exposure

Lyme has made it back into the news lately with some notable celebrities coming down with this terrible ailment. One of the Housewives of Beverly Hills (Yolanda Foster) as well as rock star Avril Lavigne both having Lyme disease type symptoms and confirmed infection.
Lyme disease can be contracted from a tick bite that is carrying the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi. Lyme disease symptoms include fatigue, chills, headaches, numbness. spasms, general weakness, rashes as well as swollen lymph nodes.
Lyme disease symptoms as well as recovery from this disease can be complicated further if you live or work in an environment that has mold spores as well as mold growth leading to mycotoxin activity.
We now have a testing protocol that can determine, mold growth, airborne mold spores as well as mycotoxins in your indoor environment.
Call us today...we can help.
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It’s Summer Vacation Time. Be careful your home does not flood creating mold growth.
After such a cold winter, us hardy Canadians can’t wait to relax in the sun. The beach, boat or cottage...summer is here for us. However, there may be an unpleasant surprise waiting for you when you get home. Mold!
Many of our clients in the past have come home to an unwelcome visitor. Mold growth on their walls and on their belongings due to a flooding or burst water pipe.

Unfortunately, home owners insurance in many cases does not cover this if you were not home. Check your insurance policy what your coverage is in the event of a water loss that leads to mold growth. Most policies demand that you have someone visit the home every 3 days to check on the home. An other alternative is to turn off the main water supply to the home. This way there can not be a plumbing issue or hot water tank leak leading to mold growth while you are away.
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Duct Cleaning and Indoor Air Quality.

Many of our indoor air quality clients ask us about the benefits of duct cleaning and indoor air quality. In general, dirty ducts or a duct system with excessive accumulated dust can increase the overall dust load in the air. This is true for both residential and office duct systems. Dirty ducts can equal dirty air or poor indoor air quality.

However, it is important that the ducts are cleaned properly. If ducts are not cleaned properly or cleaned with inadequate suction, the dust particles can become airborne and also lead to poor indoor air quality.

Call us today...we can recommend duct cleaning contractors.
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Green Homes mean better insulation but worse Indoor Air Quality

These days green home building refers to better insulation and tighter building envelopes. It’s all about energy conservation. However, the tighter the home the less air flow or air exchange and the worse the indoor air quality. A lack of ventilation or air flow from outdoors mean less fresh air coming into the home. Less fresh air mean more stale air.

Indoor pollutants such as airborne dust, chemicals from building materials and contents such as VOC’s including humidity can increase. This can lead to condensation as well as mould growth.

An increase in dust, VOC’s or mould can lead to respiratory issues or allergic reaction. Have your indoor air quality tested....and breathe.
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Do you suspect poor Air Quality? Thinking of buying an Air Filter?
Before you buy items like air filters or HEPA filtered vacuums, it may be helpful to find out what your indoor air quality issues are. Not all indoor spaces have airborne dust issues and for that reason not all homes or offices need and air filter. In some cases you may not have a dust issue but other problems such as poor ventilation, radon,
mould or VOC’s. An air filter would not address any of these problems. If you suspect an air quality issue maybe an indoor air quality test is the best first step to better indoor air quality.
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