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I pretend to work when he is looking. XD
Used to do it all the time. Or show no emotion at all.
When my boss is looking at me, I pretend that I'm the boss and start looking at my colleagues
Actually I give her "the look". I have more time in than she does! Lmao
:D I pretend that he need something to do, and offer him some work.
I pretend read my book when my eyes very sleepy at school.
I ask procedural questions about my job that they haven't a clue about. Sometimes we ask them all the same question at different times and compare the different answers. Some companies just don't know how much they really depend on their employees. 
Kyrie 5
Don't forget to pretend your on the phone too, it's pretty effective:P
I pretend to rub my dick when girls look at me!
Or my teacher.........
R Chang
and i hope i can try harder~~
I see that from my uncle A LOT!!
haha i do that at school when the damn teacher wont stop fucking starign at me!! O.o
Haha True dat and haha because its funny i do tht when the teacher is looking
lol  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do i???:-)

Next time "make up" a Procedural question ( at least use similar language) and do the same group comparison. Thanks for great humor!
oh yeah? i do something completely different than that when he's looking at me
How do u do that screw up your face well i suppose its better than being screwed---think to hard and your brains will go like cement the cure is like a cake receipe--just add water
Wow. You're real good at your job, aren't you? Where did work ethic go? that's something :D
I look at her and smile!!
i glance at him and say hello and wait what he has to say!
Same here but its all my teachers haha
Lol. l also do that to my teachers!
Ohh yay with my teachers they are really mean when you are nit lookin thanks for the avdice.
well that's the life in buisness
I hate my boss are you kidding me?
cannot too do much for a good gaffer but i have never found one yet from a work weary retired guy
I don't think my boss  would have liked to know what I think he once asked me what was the thing that motivates me I said the leaving bell
i do this but when the teacher is looking at me
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