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Must read!
Google I Multi-Screen Resources

2. Webinars: 
Building Multi-Screen Websites <- click here
Go Multi-Screen: Principles and Recommendations
Go Multi-Screen: Responsive Design - What, Why & How
Go Multi-Screen: Building A Mobile Application
Principles of Mobile Site Design:

3. Multi-Screen Starter Guide:

4. Multi-Screen Implementation Guide:

5. Design With a Mobile Mind: Converting Multi-screen Consumers (click)
Whitepaper (download):

6. Web Starter Kit
Boilerplate & Tooling for Multi-Device Development:

7. Mobile First:

8. Mobile Website And App Analytics: Reports, Metrics, How-to:

9. Smart Phone Tips: An Advertiser’s Checklist for Getting Mobile Righ:

10. Hangout on Air: The Power of Going Mobile (click)

11. The Next Big Thing In Responsive Design:

12. The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Site More Mobile-Friendly:

13. The Full Value of Mobile:

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About +Denis Labelle ->   #DenisLabelle  

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This will come in handy for more than just drug dealers. USB Optical Mouse with Pocket Digital Scale. [via brondo -]

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Street Summer” promo by Channel 4 - flawless VFX by MPC London.

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Great selection!

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Top 5 Google Plus Tips - Tekzilla Daily Tip

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Seems much faster.

G+ Android app smoother than the facebook app but should integrate google talk more; and the ability to Hangout with video on the phone would be nice.
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