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LITweetUp is an anti-networking group started almost 3 years ago. Most of Long Island's most talented and awesome digital pros hang out here.
LITweetUp is an anti-networking group started almost 3 years ago. Most of Long Island's most talented and awesome digital pros hang out here.

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edit 3/28
Due to unforeseen technical difficulties (solar flares and alien abductions kept +Jeff Namnum's camera from working) we have rescheduled to today at 4:30

G+ Hangout today at 4:30pm.

- Say hello
- General tomfoolery
- Following thru with Matt Moss's idea to do an afterparty for EGC's LIDigital Summit
- Talking about the upcoming combined LITweetup at Homeland Security (leave your guns at home please)
- Specific tomfoolery
- Tearful Goodbyes

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So the first ever combined #LITweetup was a real blast!

I'm posting a few pictures here and +Social Media Club – Long Island posted some on Facebook ( If anyone else has any shots, please tag them and put a link in the comments here so the community can check them out!

Good friends, good conversation, good food. There continues to be tremendous value in bringing together smart, passionate, talented people who give a crap.

There were some great connections made last night, both business and personal, in fact one really special story I hope to be able to share with you guys soon. And as usual, I heard from every new person I spoke with that they felt welcomed and comfortable. You guys rock!

See you at the Social Media Battle LITweetup. Details soon!

gotta thank our great sponsors
Panera Bread for the great snacks and coffee!
Legal Sea Foods had an awesome clam chowder and having Jack & Rob there to add fresh ground pepper was a great touch.
California Pizza Kitchen also brought the phenomenal food and on top of that the even more phenomenal Mary who served us and actually stuck around right to the very end to make sure everything went great.

And a very special thank you to our host Walt Whitman Shops. Karen and her staff were generous and gracious hosts and arranged all the food and everything else! We really appreciate them.
2012 Kick-off LITweetup - Combined Event with Social Media Club LI and DBMEi at Walt Whitman Mall (11 photos)
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2012 Kick-off LITweetup - Combined Event with Social Media Club LI and DBMEi at Walt Whitman Mall

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Hey Folks the first ever Joint #LITweetup is happening on Wednesday Night at 6pm at the Walt Whitman Mall and we'd love to see you there.

Social Media Club of Long Island and the authors and community of DBMEi have been cross-promoting this event to get as much of the Long Island Social Media / Marketing / PR / Small Business crowd together as possible. With over 100 people registered so far, it's going to be a great night.

Traditional LITweetup style for those of you wondering, so no business-card-in-your-face style networking, just smart passionate people having amazing conversations and finding ways to make our corner of the world better.

Our host, Walt Whitman Mall, will talk briefly about the Simon Youth Foundation, their effort to give back to the community and they've arranged to have California Pizza Kitchen, Legal Sea Foods and Panera Bread feed us!

Great people, great conversation, free food

Come join us.

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So folks, who's up for a Hangout #LITweetup on Saturday?

On the agenda
LITweetup Helps wrap-up
Holiday party
Kicking butt in Long Island in 2012
The Muppets

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So for the past few years we've been doing a campaign that's come to be know as LITweetup Helps. The whole idea behind it was to extend our philosophy of taking online, offline to create real relationships to an event where we could get together, have fun and help feed our hungry neighbors.

Quick Recap:
We ran multiple meetups on the same night at Panera Bread restaurants (thanks to our great partners Doherty Enterprises Inc) throughout Long Island to collect food and donations for the (amazing and truly inspiring) Island Harvest < >.

So This Year...
I've (+Jeff Namnum) been a little overwhelmed this quarter (year) and suddenly looked up and realized it was almost November and I hadn't made a plan yet for this year's Helps campaign. I was stressed and pissed off at myself, but I knew something, anything would be better than skipping it. Just because I was busy didn't mean that hungry people could go without help.

Lindsey To The Rescue
Soon after that, I had a conversation with Lindsey Myers at WordHampton PR and she had a Hail Mary Pass of a brainstorm. She thought maybe we could combine the Helps campaign with Long Island Restaurant Week < >. Pure awesomeness

She was able to pull it off, but we were only able to get it done one week efore LI Restaurant Week was starting. Again, anything was better than not helping at all, so she and the amazing crew at WordHampton (I love those guys, say hi to +Steve Haweeli when you can) put together a press release, pushed it out to their contacts and we began to put it out to as much of the community as we could.

Different, But It Will Be OK
So the dynamic is different this year. 5 brave, generous and very clever restaurants agreed to serve as drop off locations for Island Harvest all week! The restaurants, addresses and drop off times are here:

Each restaurant also offered to host a mini-LITweetup. The dates are on the page with links to RSVP (on Facebook). They have been (much) smaller than usual, but we knew that walking in. A normal LITweetup takes about 2-3 weeks to build and promote, a helps campaign 4-6. We had to get the word out about this one in 1 week, always fun :)

What Can We Do
Help us spread the word about the restaurants as pick up donations. Island Harvest has a tough job and they do it well. Most LITweetup-ers are communicators of some stripe and we're generally pretty damn good too. This year we may not get to hang out in as big numbers as we enjoy, but we can definitely raise awareness about Island Harvest's great work feeding our neighbors and drive numbers to this Food Drive and the others going on.

*If you can make it, I'll be at the Roslyn meetup at Thyme.
If you can't make it, I'll miss you and I'll see you soon, but would you please do me a favor?

Remember, someone is hungry, maybe down the block from you. Your G+ post, your Facebook share, your tweet, your phone call, your can of beans, your $1000 check, your 3 quarters, your effort, whatever it is, can put food on that hungry families table.*
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