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AVG Anti-virus, Free Anti-virus, Black Friday Specials


FREE paid 1 year of AVG Anti-Virus from Friendly Computers! The best Antivirus on the market! This copy of AVG is valued at $59.99 and is free with any onsite service on a laptop or desktop PC. Here is how to Get yours today! 

Call now: 509-315-9492 and mention this ad when you schedule your appointment, and ask for your FREE 1 Year Paid AVG Anti-Virus: not valid with any other offer.

Book a service call in your home or office and mention this face book ad and ask for your FREE copy of AVG Anti-Virus and time of booking! 

This is for a limited time, Friendly Computers is offering FREE 1 Year Paid AVG Anti-Virus software for one computer! *One free copy per customer. Valid for onsite service only. Offer expires 11/27/15.
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Computer Virus, Malware, Spyware

Think you might have a virus? Has your email account been hacked? Friendly Computers can help with these and all types of viruses and malicious attacks on our computers, data, email accounts, financial information, and critical data:
1. COMPUTER VIRUSES - a program capable of copying itself and destroying data.
2. MALWARE - software used to gain access to private info
3. SPYWARE - intended to gather sensitive info and transmit it elsewhere.
Read about these and other types of viruses/malware on our site:

Call today: 509-315-9492-We can help! We have serviced and repaired over 15,000 computers, laptops, networks, and business servers. Why Call a Geek When You Can Call a Friend!
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Viruses, virus removal, virus protection, rookits, ransomware worms, rougueware, backdoors

There are monsters lurking in your computer. Not the monsters you hear about in campfire stories, but monsters after your money, personal information and resources. A large part about the security of your computer is knowing these monsters and how to defend against them, garlic and holy water won’t keep them away.

Here are some of the most common types of monsters trying to attack your computer: Educate yourself on what they are and the risk, learn how to tell if your infected, then give us a call 509-315-9492

Root Kits
Root kits are like vampires trying to sink its teeth deep into your computer to modify the operating system to hide itself. The goal of this malware is to provide remote access or control of a computer without being detected by users or security programs. It is a master of stealth and can prevent itself from being displayed in the list of processes actively running or hide itself from being read. These vampires tend to target your information by being masters of stealth and darkness. The garlic to use on these vampires is to make sure you have an antivirus program using a Heuristic Analysis, which is a method of analyzing a suspicious file’s characteristics and behavior to determine if it is malware or a virus.

Ransomware is a form of malware that holds a computer system captive while demanding a ransom, like Medusa getting her snakes into every file on a computer. It’s the malware that we all fear – it holds what we hold most dear for ransom to get what they want. This malware typically restricts access by encrypting the contents of the hard drive and displaying messages that are intended to force the user to pay the malware creator a ransom. If the ransom isn’t paid the files will be deleted or encrypted forever, basically turning the files into stone. The only defense for this malware is to have an antivirus that uses behavioral detection, which looks at the behavior of the malware to determine if it is malicious or not – for example if it starts modifying a large amount of files at once.

Worms are the zombies of the virus world, exploiting vulnerabilities and quickly spread over the computer networks like a zombie plague spreading from town to town. They spread mostly in the form of spam and deceiving emails. Many worms are capable of creating bot-nets out of infected computers using your CPU and bandwidth for its own purposes, be it for mining digital currency like bitcoins, or for nefarious activities like DDoS attacks that bring down all sorts of websites – be it a government website or even websites like The most effective way to steer clear of these zombie like worms is to have a good spam filter on your email program or avoid spam emails all together.

Rogueware is a standalone program that disguises itself as a well-known or useful program in order to trick you into installing it. Like a werewolf, once installed these programs transform from the wholesome looking ordinary person into a killer beast rampaging thru your computer attempting to access financial and personal information. It then uses the information to access your financial accounts or sell the information to others that will use it. The silver bullet to fend off these beasts is general knowledge about what programs you use and are downloading. If you ever get a pop-up that says a program needs an update – if it looks suspicious or you are unsure – don’t click on it and go to the website for the program and download the update directly from them.

Backdoor malware prowls around, like a creature of the night, looking for unprotected network devices. Then like breaking in thru a window, it bypasses the door and normal security authentication procedures to install itself into their computer unknown to the user. Once the malware enters your computer and opens the back door and gives itself a key to get into your computer remotely whenever it wants. This gives them access to your valuables without you ever knowing and they take off with your data to what it pleases – use it for financial gain on the black market. The only good defense against backdoor malware is to have a good firewall in place in your network.

How To Tell If You Are Infected:
Some ways to tell if you are infected are if you notice the following:
• Increased resource usage – RAM and CPU
• Slowness
• Freezing or crashing
• New toolbars
• Modified or deleted files
• Emails sent without your permission or knowledge
Friendly Computers can provide with what you need to keep all these monsters out of your computer. We can get you on a safe path towards keeping your data and personal information safe. Great antivirus, networking security and education – we can provide it all.

Give us a call today at 509-315-9492 or stop by our store at 606 N Sullivan Rd in Spokane Valley and we can provide with all that you need to keep those monsters away from your computers.
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A couple of weeks ago I talked about not having security on your computer is like leaving your keys in your car. Here’s another analogy, do you leave the doors of your home unlocked? 

Protecting your data is a constant conversation around the shop. I think putting things in simple terms can help us better understand what is at risk. Do you have a family album or maybe your wedding album and those pictures are the only copies in existence and you never had the negatives? Imagine your home catching on fire or you have a flood and all those wonderful pictures that you were saving to share with your family… are now gone. Yes, gone forever. 

Here’s another scenario, you go to your bank to make a withdrawal and my goodness your account is empty. Here is one that occurs a thousand times a day: your credit card company calls you and asks if you just made about $7,000 in purchases. 

I really hope that I am getting my point across. Am I? 

We actually see these things happen to people just like you and I weekly even daily. Sometimes it happens to people we have tried our best to convince to protect themselves and their data. Leaving the doors unlocked is only asking for trouble. The difference is there are more people out there looking for your data than a local thief looking for unlocked doors in your neighborhood. These people are professional thieves and are looking for hundreds and thousands of unlocked doors and cars with keys in them at a time. Guess what? They find those unlocked doors on a regular basis all without leaving their chairs.

So don’t be a victim and take charge, lock the doors, remove the keys and prevent the fire. How? Follow some simple steps: back up your data regularly, install a great Anti-virus, keep your software and operating system up to date, secure your wireless, and use great passwords that you change regularly. Don’t ever say that it won’t happen to you, because it will happen. Count on it and the sooner you realize people make a living out of taking advantage of others on the internet the sooner you will start taking the necessary steps to make it more difficult for them to accomplish their goal making you a victim. Don’t wait until it happens to protect yourself. Do it now.
If you are serious and you have questions or concerns come and talk to us or give us a call and we will gladly answer your questions and give you good tips on keeping your data secure. 

We are located at 606 N. Sullivan in Spokane Valley just off of I-90 or call 509-315-9492 to talk to one of our technicians. 

We have serviced and repaired over 15,000 computers, laptops, networks, and business servers. 
Why Call a Geek When You Can Call a Friend!
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data recovery, computer backups, corrupted or encrypted hard drives and data

Anything can happen. So what's your backup plan?

 Not a week goes by without us having to help someone that has experienced a loss of their files and data on their computers. Data recovery can in some cases take days and can be expensive if it requires a drive to be rebuilt to gain access to the data.
Your memories and files are important and if you are a business it could be a disaster!
It is simple and easy, go and buy a backup drive there are several on the market that with their own software to make setup and backup easy. Then take the steps to backup your data and then double check that it is backing up. Do NOT just set and walk away, again schedule yourself time to backup then follow up on a regular schedule. Simply go to your phone calendar and set up reminders.
If you have any questions or need advice just give us a call at 509-315-9492 or stop by our store and we are happy to assist you in preserving your data. If it is too late we can help with that as well, we have a great success rate with recovering your data.
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Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer?  What browser should I use? 
Each one of these browsers offer different benefits as each will have its downsides as well. Chrome and Firefox tops the speed tests. Chrome works best with Flash. Most of the browsers are just seconds of each other in comparison. Some websites prefer certain browsers over others and add-ons can perform differently with the different browsers. They all have password managers, favorites and bookmarks. Chrome works exceptionally well with Google's wide array of tools and Gmail. A plus for Chrome and Firefox is they have an enhanced ability to sync your information across multiple computers over Internet Explorer.
How do you decide? Well it really gets down to personal preference and can be driven by the websites that you go to as well.
If you have any questions or are experiencing problems just stop by or give us a call: 509-315-9492
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Virus Removal - Virus Prevention - Virus Repair - Anti-Virus Software with Friendly Computers 509-315-9492.
Virus protection not only helps you avoid popups, slow running computers, boot issues, and problems with the internet, anti-virus software can help you avoid identity theft and loss of financial data. To be effective the software must be updated regularly, if you are not getting new virus definitions almost daily you are at risk.
Need help or have questions? Call today 509-315-9492. Friendly Computers has removed hundreds of thousands of viruses. Visit us online to read about our virus services here:
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My internet connection is slow - I can't get on the internet - My internet is down - Internet Explorer keeps crashing - Google Chrome won't open - Malware and/or pop-ups are slowing down my internet and preventing the use of our internet browser. Sound familiar? Call us: 509-315-9492
Internet connection problems are so frustrating. They can be caused by many things. Our team of experts can help with your network, your internet connection, and your computer systems.
We have serviced and repaired over 15,000 computers, laptops, networks, and business servers. Why Call a Geek When You Can Call a Friend! Call today for help in your home or office with any internet connection problem: 509-315-9492
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Back to school computers and laptops in Spokane Valley!
Back-to-school is just around the corner! September 1st! Friendly Computers has terrific, business-class laptops and desktop PCs that are perfect for school! Refurbished computers cost a fraction of new equipment. Our refurbished laptops and desktops have large hard drives and lots of memory (RAM). They are perfect for home and office too! Visit our products online at:
We can also build custom systems designed around your budget and your needs. Let us help you find the right fit. You want Windows 10 we can do that as well! No appointments necessary! Call us at 509-315-9492 we look forward to hearing from you!

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