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Some away streams are delayed by few mins.
Sorry guys

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Hi guys

Here is version 5.2 of the app.
Added game highlights support.

Let me know if there are any issues with the update.

Thanks all for the donations.

Donations are a rough estimation of how much it would cost us to build/pay for servers/buy beers for those features.

Currently we are working on game highlights.
Then we plan to work on home/away feeds


If the app is stuck in the loading phase.
Try clearing app data in settings and try again.

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NHL had changed their encryption.
So our system broke.
We just found a temporary solution, the games are live now.

Hopefully by this week we will find way to stream all the games.
Till then we will do few games per day.


The new version of the app is available now at

Please note we have changed the video format to HLS for a better playback.
We recommend VLC or MX player.

Our older apps will not work anymore as HLS is not supported.

Let us know your feedback.


We will have the regular games.
We are testing with pre season games to make sure it works.

We have changed the video format to make it work on iPhone.

Thanks for the interest 

Report here if It takes too long to load.

We think mlb is attaching us. 

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Can some of you test it 

HTTPS certificate expired we are updating it and having some DDos issue.

Use the apk below it should work till we fix it

We have only google signin for now.

Update: We have past games working. Still having issues with live games.

We are working to get the streams from MLB.
So we will not have any games for few days. Will send out updates when we get the streams.

Our plan is to pay for a subscription and re-stream them from our servers. 
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