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Zoidbird! +David Johnson will appreciate this.

I just installed Spotify and was pretty surpised when I typed in "The Jam" and it came up with hits from Fire and the Wheel (my band). Apparently it also indexes one's iTunes library.

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I know precisely how he feels.

Heading to the Vatican today.

I flew to Rome from the Catania airport, where we arrived via bus. As we approached the airport, Fabrizio, one of my new Sicilian friends, walked up the aisle bidding people farewell with the cheek kiss. Being new to the cheek kiss I watched carefully to make sure I didn't mess it up.

"Okay, first shake hands with the right hand, then it's the right cheek, then the left. Oh, and they don't actually kiss the cheek, just touch cheeks while kissing the air. This doesn't look so hard. I got this!"

So my turn comes and I stand up, do the handshake, go in for the right cheek, and the bus takes a sharp corner. He falls backwards onto the nearest seat with me on top and my face buried in his neck. Nailed it!

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