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+Michael Bonocore
I just wanted to let you know this came across my way today... and although my path in life has changed in soooo may ways. It still made me smile today that you recognized and appreciated my efforts here.

I wanted to let you know, the plannings of #bigpoppajarviecore2 are in the works, but getting 2 kids in a baby bjorn is challenging to say the least.... but we're working on it.

also of note.... you were one of my inspirations when i first started photography, and i now work in photography for about 2/3 my yearly income, so i thank you very much for that...

#bigpoppajarviecore #jarviecore +Derek Kind
with my good friends being my constant inspiration +Bethany DiTecco +Lance Brittain +Matt Austin +Kyle Craig +Elizabeth Hahn
(Ehan...i know we haven't spoken in a while, but i still love you. :) )

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Best photos of 2015?  Well that's a mixed bag for me, but it sure has been fun.

Hello G+  It's been a while... I have a feeling we might be seeing more of each other in the near future....

So this year has brought me some interesting things.
Let me keep this short... FAMILY, Wedding photography, and some "other" great moments have been the main story of my year.

If any of you want more info on wedding photography, please message me because it's becoming a BIG part of what I am doing.   and yes...I will travel.

Best wishes to a great 2016.  Cheers
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Today i share with you all my entry for the +Chrysta Rae Scavenger Hunt for the category "Colorful"
This was a particularly special morning, and i have +Scott Jarvie  to thank for getting me out of bed at the weeeeee hours of the morning and giving me reason to get out and play.  Mornings like this don't happen every time around, so I was so lucky and happy to be standing there with good company when the clouds rolled in at just the right moment.

It was great having Scott in town and not only do i get the memory of getting to meet and shoot with him (a genuine honor i may add).... but i'll also have this photo as a souvenir.

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Day 5 of reveals and easily my favorite (of my own shots) for the hunt. 

who knows... maybe she WILL grow up to be just like daddy. ;)

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The +Chrysta Rae Scavenger hunt is on again!!!    
Reveals are always so fun.  Come check out the album and pick favorites for yourself!

Here's my take on the topic "Jealousy"

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Alicia Hysell + Chris Hysell
Getting married on Friday the 13th, with a full moon? Can't happen all that often...
oh, it doesn't you say? only once every 30-50 years or so....

Well shooting a wedding on such an occasion is just about a once in a lifetime opportunity! Thank you so much Chris and Alicia for having me along on your most special of special days.
I think it is just so beyond special that you "decided to make your own luck" (in the words of the officiant..........beautiful, epic, awesome ceremony by the way) and such an occasion deserves an image such as this as documentation. I will take no more than 13% credit for this photo.  Chris....Alicia.... YOU are the ones that made this happen. For the love it all... all i did was tell you to dance!! and wow... who knew this guy could dance!? (yea, i assumed as much with Alicia...)

Thank you both, from the bottom of my heart, for the most beautiful and memorable Friday the 13th's that I will likely ever experience.
May your marriage last forever, and your love even longer, Cheers!

#fullmoon   #fridaythe13th   #weddingphotography   #wedding   #dance  

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Day 2 of 5. #fivedayquest

This is my everyday. I get her ready every morning and drive her to the sitter. Emma is one cool cat. That's for sure.

Today I'll tag +Jamal Alias in the five day quest. Post one photo a day for five days from your everyday life. :)

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It is with some reluctance, but yet... a bit of enthusiasm, that i accept your challenge +Matt Austin ..... the #fivedayquest  .... I accept.  Even though nearly everyone I associate with has already been a part of this.... I have NO IDEA who i will call out... but... here goes...

Day 1... Today I planted flowers with my (2 year old) daughter... it took 5 times as long as it usually does, however... the joy i experienced at having a nice decorated landscape?   it was 5 times as much as normal. :)   love that little girl...   
(as much as i wanted to grab my camera while we were working, i resisted and just decided to enjoy the moment....)
now... i have to tag someone... and.. frankly like i said, i think most people have already been a part of this.... however... +Johan Peijnenburg  I have not seen you participate.... SO I CALL YOU OUT MY FRIEND!!!   i expect some epic stuff (as i always see from you anyway).    ;)

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