I think this image from +Guy Kawasaki shows off how the delayed Moto xWATCH was intended to unlock the Moto X. +Leo Laporte also said that Moto is making a bluetooth clip that you wear which will keep the device unlocked. Pretty cool feature I'd like to see come to other devices.
Top Ten Things I Like About My Moto X #MeetMotoX  

Motorola introduced the Moto X today. As an advisor to the company, I’ve had one for a while. Here are the top ten things that I like about it.

1. Flick the phone twice, and it’s ready to take a picture (“Quick Capture”). This means you don't have to fumble around to launch the camera app. Just flick the phone twice, and you’re good to go. 

2. Tap anywhere on the screen to take a picture. How many times have you handed your phone to someone to take a picture of you and the person quit the camera app, took a selfie, or recorded a video? Not any more.

3. Say, “OK Google Now,” to invoke Google Now (Settings--“Touchless Control”). First you train your Moto X to recognize you saying “OK Google Now.” Then you can tell your Moto X to help you do tasks such as navigate, call someone, play a song, or search for information.

4. Personalize the phone (Moto Maker). I’m not talking about a custom case on top of the phone. I’m talking about 18 rear housings, 2 front-lens assemblies, 7 anodized aluminum accents, 2 storage sizes, a personal message on the rear housing and on power up, 2 wall chargers, a wallpaper, and a pre-linked Google account. 

5. Authenticate my identity by using Bluetooth devices (Settings-Security-“Trusted Devices”). If you’re in your car or near a computer these Bluetooth devices can keep your Moto X authenticated.

6. Avoid bloatware. Moto X is a clean and elegant Android experience. You can choose from hundreds of thousands of other Android apps via Google Play, but these choices are yours to make. 

7. Answer text messages on my Macintosh (Settings-Active Notifications- “Motorola Connect”). When people send a text message to your Moto X, a window displays it on your computer, and you can answer it from there. 

8. Migrate pictures and text messages from phone to phone (“Motorola Migrate”). Moto X helps you preserve data from your previous Android phone, so you don’t lose your pictures and text messages. 

9. Receive notifications when the display is off (Settings-Active Notifications-“Active Display”). Suppose you’re at a boring dinner, and you want to subtly check the time and see if you have any text messages, emails, or calls. Active Display makes this possible--without burning up your battery. 

10. Own a phone that’s assembled in the USA. The Moto X is the only smartphone that’s assembled in the USA--Ft. Worth, Texas to be precise. This is part of the reason you can get your personalized Moto X so fast. 

Do you want to hear and see more about the Moto X? I'll be hosting two hangouts today on Google+. You can view them here on my Google+ profile and the replay will be on my YouTube channel after they run live. 

2:00 pm PT/5:00 pm ET Steve Horowitz, Motorola - Senior Vice President, Software Engineering

4:00 pm PT/7:00 pm ET John Renaldi, Motorola - Maker of Moto Maker
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