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Himanshu Patankar
Ego. Ego everywhere...
Ego. Ego everywhere...


Meaning of Life: $0.25

Probably none of you will read this
but however.......
It has come to my attention that a bomb has exploded in one one wing of the museum (I mean, its a BOMB, you can't miss it), so I have decided to start a NEW WING! Architect Ranen Miao will start this project as soon as the massive police crowd and the murder is taken alive.......or dead. As always, thanks for reading...

Lincoln freed the slaves for equal rights and what other reason? 

y= 6x
326 + yx =?
Don't solve but what type of  problem is this

why do birds fly in a V motion?

in the Schrodinger cat paradox, is the cat in an alive or death state? 

How much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? 

Surviving The 6th Grade Tip #1
Never, under any circumstance, make eye contact with the 8th Graders. Starring at them for to long can cause nerve damage and/or temporary blindness..... 

TEACHER: Fred, the story you handed in called "Our Dog," is exactly like your brother's.
FRED: Of course. It's the same dog.
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