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Bongo Bongo Divers is a small cosy dive shop just in front of Apo Island. If you'd like how to learn to dive or dive in Dauin or Apo Island.
Bongo Bongo Divers is a small cosy dive shop just in front of Apo Island. If you'd like how to learn to dive or dive in Dauin or Apo Island.

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So here at Bongo divers people often ask why they should dive in Dumaguete or Dauin... The simple answer is that Dumaguete has some of the best diving that we'll find in the Visayas.

Dauin offer some of the best & most diverse diving you will find in the Philippines. It is perfect to learn to dive in Dauin/Dumaguete since the conditions and reefs are shallow enough to give you a blast on your first dive experience. It is literally diving around in an aquarium...

For the more experienced divers Dauin have signings of harlequin shrimps, sea horses, ghost pipes, frog fish, several octopus and cuttle fish, sea moths, flying gunnards, spiny tiger shrimps and many many more. It not only what we see in Dauin it is in the quantities we see it in, even though it varies by seasons, but it isn't uncommon we get out from a dive and have seen 15+ ghost pipes, 12+ frogfish all sizes, 20+ cuttlefish, 3+ seahorses. Thats the true magic experience about Dauin the amounts and diversity we see in one dive.

Same when you do your open water in Dumaguete/Dauin you wont do it without seeing at least one turtle trough out the course, if not you are either really unlucky or do it with the wrong dive centre that takes you where there is no reefs & turtles...

Another great thing about having a boyfriend in to diving, lets say if he does a day trip to Apo island, you can easily join the boat and snorkel over there while he dive, and the best thing is you'll be on the same boat... If you don't like to be on the ocean there are tons of options doing something on the majestic mountains of Negros island, there are hot springs, waterfalls, crater lakes, all within reach.
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So where to see sharks other places than Malapascua in the Philippines.. Sumilon island just about 1,5 hour from Bongo Bongo Divers. This is the place to encounter loads of blacktip reef sharks, the place is significant different from diving in Apo island or diving in Dumaguete or should we say Dauin....

This is one of the best things about this area, you wan't to see turtles, go to Apo Island, want to see macro go to Dauin, want to see sharks, go to Sumilon Island and you'll get plenty.... Check out our recent video from there you can always send your inquirers to Happy Thursday guys....
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Bongo Bongo Divers, is a small, well organized dive shop, that are great mix between local hospitality and european standards. We are situated in the very center of Dauin, which makes exploring the local municipal of Dauin extremely easy. Jeepney ride to/back from Dumaguete City is no more than 25 minutes away. Airport in Dumaguete is approximately 45 minutes depending on the traffic etc. A lot of our guests usually comes from either diving in Malapascua, Maolboal or Bohol. Which makes Dumaguete (Dauin) the perfect stop for exploring diving in Apo Island or diving in Dauin for some of all the amazing critters. Dauin is also a true heaven for underwater photographers, everything shows in different seasons but the list is endless, wonderpuss, bluering octopus, coconut octopus, frog fish in all kinds including the hairy frogfish, ornate, robust, rough snout ghost pipe fish, sea horses, devil scorpion fish, ambon scorpion fish, harlequin shrimps, tons of different slugs and nudi branches. Beside this is our house reef is the perfect start for introduction dives or learn to dive in the Philippines, properly the best place to learn to dive in the Philippines. Due to the composition of the bottom and corals we have the perfect practice place for PADI courses, where we don't waste time in the swimming pool, or traveling to dive sites its' all just in our backyard.... Just infront of us is Apo Island, we do tours several times a week due to number of divers and requests.

Due to our simple setup we are able to offer some of the best and most competitive prices for diving on Apo Island, or doing your PADI Open Water. We are among the cheapest dive shops you'll find in the area, but are not compromising on the quality. Our gear is well looked after, and our new boat Tamsea is one of the most spacious boats you'll find in the area. Don't forget to dive with Bongo Bongo Divers when you dive in the Philippines. You'll find some of the best diving in the Philippines, and most diverse.

If you need a dry day, explore the dramatic mountains of Negros Oriental, Twin Lakes ( Lake Balinsasayao ), Casaroro falls or Baslay hot springs in Dauin is within reach and some can be done in just 3-4 hours...

The We offer all Padi courses from PADI Open Water diver up to Divemaster. We have never taught and PADI course without seeing at least one turtle or more. Our instructor are nice mixed between new and experienced, we spend much more time in the water than than most dive shops.

Doing your Divemaster Internship with Bongo Bongo divers, will give you lot's of responsibilities and a long program. You'll fast become a member of the team, and stay for at least 6 weeks. You'll be diving in Apo Island several times and off the coast of Dauin, you'll have unlimited diving...

Bongo Bongo Divers is a very different from normal dive shops, don't expect 5 stars service, expect value for money and enjoy the fellow divers who is here for all the same, cheap diving, cheap accommodation and loads of fun.

We are one big family here at Bongo Bongo Divers where everyone will get together at night WARNING don't stay here if you don't want to be social and mingle :p ! 
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Why go to the Circus in Oslob when you can see Whale sharks in the wild....?

As we move through the summer month in the Philippines, chances for encounters with pelagics are getting better and better...

As one of the only dive shops in Negros Oriental, Bongo Bongo Divers doesn't go to the whale shark feeding in Oslob, and we don't recommend you to do so as well. Only three dive shops out of 25+ in Negros Oriental are fully members of Greenfins and we are super proud to be one of them...

Here is our thoughts about the whale shark feeding in Oslob and why Bongo Bongo Divers have chosen not to go there, and support this ongoing circus.

As most other things, the feeding of Whale sharks in Oslob, Cebu started very innocent about 5 years ago... This has kicked off to become true madness with the local government trying to control the hordes of people going through this commercial feeding of Whale Sharks for tourism. The very strategic place in the middle of the Visayas, means that divers and snorklers from, Cebu city, Maolboal, Bohol, Dumaguete, Dauin all can go there on day trips.

The place is poorly managed and the briefings are literally a joke. people touching and climbing on the sharks still happens. The amount of money in the area has created a greed, it has changed the locals forever and I do not any longer recognize the Filipino happiness and hospitality in this area. A lot of the locals is busy trying to scam tourist and this is a sad development, for the area, but also the country.

What to do if you still like to encounter whale sharks in the wild, try your luck traveling in the seasons where it's more likely to see those amazing creatures, the month in the Philippines is usually April/May. Go to Donsol or southern leyte where the whale sharks are not being fed, but there is almost 100% chance to see them, spend another few days traveling to see those amazing creatures, and stop supporting the madness in Oslob... We just recently encountered a Whale shark on one of our locals dives in Dauin, and the other day we saw another one going back home from Apo Island, excitement is hundreds times bigger and watching those amazing creatures is a life long experience that we will never forget.... Just wait your time will come one day......... :p !

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