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Emanuel Carrasco
PHP - Web Developer
PHP - Web Developer

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16 de junio de 2016
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Hello from ECUADOR!!!

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cierto jaja

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New Record

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New Record

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Zend Studio, Zend Server y Zend Framework los primeros en el Ecuador...

Todos estábamos esperando el anuncio del Iphone 5, y Apple nos sale con el 4S.. decepción total..

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"Little things mean a lot." Here's a sampling of 7 Google+ UI thingamajigs that make me happy each time I see them. Do y'all have any favorites?

1. When I +1 a post, the counter animates up to the next number
2. When I click on a profile picture, it "flips" through previous photos
3. When I attach a link to a post, and that link contains lots of images, I can choose my favorite thumbnail
4. When I drag photos from my desktop into an open sharebox (like I did for this post), it just works
5. When I click "Edit Profile," the entire page animates downwards to indicate edit mode
6. When I drag someone out of a circle, they disappear in a poof of smoke
7. When I select a group of people in Circles, they're bundled together with a paper clip
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Si una persona tiene más de una foto en el album del perfil, y das clic sobre la foto del perfil, ésta cambia.. nice
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