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Joe Antonelli

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this is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. and I've seen a lot of shit.

seems this type of culture runs rampant at fox - a brash, willful ignorance.

I have fox news on now, and this 60 year-old anchor says, "that's one fine piece a'woman."

Joe Antonelli

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lol that he keeps saying 'Negroes'
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The neighboring park and the stadium itself are both stunning, with no seat in the house a bad seat. At the half, I highly recommend heading down to ground level to Poutine Mobile for some Poutine Au Canard Confit...amazing.
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I'm currently on the last day of a 7-night stay here at the Edificio Nuevo Conquistador. I booked through AirBnB, at a total cost of $448 after AirBnB's hefty 12% fee. The photos looked great - clean rooms, beautiful views, etc. My host was quick to respond, and while I was told there was no WiFi in the building, I was promised I would have internet access via a Claro mobile broadband USB stick. This was especially important to me as I need to be able to work remotely. Unfortunately, the reality of the place does not match the advertising. It's located in the El Laguito district, appropriately named because there is a small lake adjacent to the buildings which lie in a crescent-shape along its shore. Sounds nice, right? I thought so too. The lake is filthy. There is trash and debris lining the shore as far as you can walk. I saw people kayaking in it, and thought, "Yikes...wouldn't want to fall in." The local beach is no better. Again, littered with garbage, and loads of jet-skis, boats, and even naval ships nearby make the water uninviting. The neighborhood is clogged with high-rises that look decent from a distance, but reveal their dilapidated state upon closer inspection. I got the sense that the area is a mix of locals interspersed with tourists looking for an economical stay. I'm not sure why other reviewers are saying the location is good - it's not - there are a few grocery stores and crummy restaurants nearby, that's it. It's also too far from the best area in Cartagena - the Walled City. The Conquistador itself is a massive building - too many apartments and apartment owners to count. Who's in charge? Who knows. It seriously reminds me of one of the superstructures in the latest Judge Dredd movie. The pool is filthy, and I'm ashamed to admit I swam in it as much I did. I now wish I didn't bring my swimming goggles. Under the surface? Loads of dirt, hair and even a piece of insulation used in construction! On the surface? A yellowish foam which coagulates hourly in one of the corners of the pool - when it gets too bad, the crabby pool attendant uses a bucket to remove it, but then dumps the bucket's contents right beside the pool's edge. Yuck. So why I did continue to swim in it? Out of boredom, for one. I felt I couldn't limit my activities any further as there's not much to do in the area as it is. Secondly, at least there's an outdoor shower to wash off under afterwards. What doesn't kill you... The apartment I rented was fairly clean upon first glance, though it certainly didn't match the photos. The furniture, televisions, and appliances (except for the cheap fridge) are all old, and need to be replaced. There's caked-on dirt(?) on all the light switches and remotes. The floors were not cleaned well enough, and while they weren't disgusting, some dirt and hair still lingered from the previous guest(s). One thing did disgust me though. I went to pee shortly after I arrived, and there was a wet streak with some unidentifiable debris on the toilet seat. I cleaned it off quickly, but...*barf*. Moving on, the sheet in the bedroom is a top sheet with no elastic bands to hold it in place, so it keeps coming undone every time I so much as sit on the bed. After a night's sleep, I'm rolling around on a plastic bedbug cover. Annoying. The AC works really well, I must say. The USB stick for internet that I was depending on? It worked for a couple of hours my first night, as hasn't worked since. VERY annoying. I'm typing this review from the "restaurant"/pharmacy/bodega in the lobby of the Conquistador, as it's the only place I can get WiFi. I'm the only one here right now after lunch, nursing my coffee so I have some other reason to be here. The food at this place is OKAY, but something today ruined it for me. I found, in my omelet, not one...not two...not three...but four hairs. Ugh. I'm so ambivalent at this point, I just picked them out along with any surrounding egg and ate what remained. I felt like a surgeon, removing tumors and the surrounding tissue, just to be sure. In summary, find another place.
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