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William Cragoe

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Nice afternoon ride in the river bottoms.
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Hay I ride to ,what other places do you ride?
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William Cragoe

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Some thoughts on healthcare....

Tomorrow we should see the long awaited decision on the Affordable Care Act case. No matter what the outcome the problem of health care will not be solved. We need solutions not court cases and more sound bites.

Speak from fact, how many of have spent time becoming informed, thinking through the problem? It is far easier to carp and gripe than offer an alternative.

What are the alternate solutions? How does your view change when it is you or a family member that is directly hit with no health care coverage? How much of the economy is slowed down as people stay in jobs which for them are under performing only for the healthcare. How much of the healthcare cost is due to the insurance pool being too small? Difficult questions,difficult to find solutions.

Please check out for a view of how the health insurance exchange may look. Kaiser foundation has some good information about the Affordable Care Act.

This is a complicated problem to solve. With all complicated problems solutions are not perfect. I only ask that people move beyond the sound bite and offer alternatives, spend the time to think this through. We need a solution and the Affordable Care Act is a start and not a final destination.

We await the decision. Today all we know is that there will be no winner.
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Health Care yes, Health Insurance, no.  Long ago, people just paid doctor's bills.  I pay thousands of dollars a year in health insurance premiums.  Am I lucky that my actual medical costs are, for my family of 5, under $1000 a year, and on a bad year still under my annual premiums?
If I squirrel away $100,000 in a medical savings account and drop my insurance, why is the Federal government telling me I can't do that, and fining me for my personal choices?  What crime is involved that I should be punished?

Sorry if you don't see the similarity with Communist China the way I do: a national law that punishes people for making personal choices that are not the concern of government; a national program that tries to control the free market of Health Care.

Our nation is not so great.  We are litigious, cowardly, unhealthy, entitled, disrespectful, and our enemies know it.  I look forward to a day when my long distance phone number no longer starts with a 1.
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William Cragoe

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Movie about the craziest bicyclists ever.

The premier for _Line of Sight) is July 1. The movie shoots illegal and dangerous urban bike riding, called "messenger racing," from helmet cams.

Wow. Even the trailer will freak you out!
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what is with the gun play?  Also, loved the passenger opening the door to block the rider.  It all seems kinda flat.  Where are the riders ascending/descending staircases?  The rider who biffed it on the train tracks should have had fatter tires.  Also, no wicked ascents.  Where's the downtown San Francisco action? 
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William Cragoe

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Good general tips
This Web Exclusive comes from Daniel Bulley, vice president, Mechanical Contractors Association (MCA) of Chicago. With 22918441 data records stolen in the US in 2011*, identity theft has reached an al...
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William Cragoe

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An interesting discussion as the MN House debates amendments to the voter id law is fascinating. As a guy who made his living working on identity issues for 6+ years this is "fun".

I really think that our legislators are off track and do not understand the problems of identity verification. There is too much belief that "state issued" id provides for some higher level of confirmation of identity.

I have a cheaper solution for the tax payers. How about this for an option for voter id? Have everyone get a free facebook account, post a few pictures of themselves, have their friends tag them in pictures. Get an agreement in place with facebook to turn on picture recognition When at the polls to vote have the election judges take the voters picture, run it through facebook. Bingo I just confirmed who was in front of them.

Here is a live feed or link for highlights.
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Glad to see I got your attention!
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William Cragoe

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I'm guessing that most of America would get at least half of these wrong based specifically on the disinformation spread by the GOP.
Take our short, 10-question quiz to test your knowledge of the law, and then find out how you compare to the rest of the country, as represented by the findings of the Kaiser Family Foundation's month...
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William Cragoe

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Eben Moglen: Innovation under Austerity

"We have no opportunity to cheer for this outcome, which is largely the result of incompetence in those people who claim to be worth all that money because they're so smart, it is partly the result of the political cowardice that gave them too much room to swing their cats. It is not that we are glad to see this happen, but there is a silver lining to the cloud. There are very few people who know how to have innovation under austerity. We are they.

We have produced innovation under austerity for the last generation and not only did we produce pretty good innovation we've produced innovation that all the other smart rich people took most of the credit for. Most of the growth that occurred during this wild and wacky period in which they took other people's money and went to the racetrack with it, was with innovation we produced for them."

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William Cragoe

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She's 49 now. Good story behind this iconic pic.
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William Cragoe

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Nice spring evening on the bike path. Easy Monday spin!
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William Cragoe

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What kind of society are we becoming? This is really too much!
This is insanity. How can this even be legal?
If you think privacy settings on your Facebook and Twitter accounts guarantee future employers or schools can't see your private posts, guess again. Employers and colleges find the treasure-trove of p...
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If you look into the story, it is clear that correction facilities are relying on Facebook for determining criminal ties. I think it is inane. Create two Facebook accounts and you're set. I'm sure the college athletes have figured that one out already. Also, Google Plus can create circles of announcements. I'm sure you don't usually care to read my non-work stuff, so I put you in my work circle. Privacy retained in the college coach situation!
My employer monitors publicly available posting on social media sites by employees. That's fine with me. The private stuff? No thanks!
Maryland Dept. of Corrections has an HR problem and they are solving it by buying into the approach coined by Janet Napolitano: take away liberties. What MD DoC should be doing is hiring foreign workers with absolutely no US gang ties. Like Canadians, maybe. Do an Interpol check on them, require them to go through the Federal work visa process, and that's a lot more background checking than they could ever hope to accomplish. As far as the colleges are concerned, I think they should abolish NCAA sports and support intramural activities and separate organizations (NCCA, NORBA, etc).
When I was in college, I had a neighbor working with the County as an agent of the DEA, determining gang connections. He had all kinds of social Entity Relationship Diagrams. Social media has effectively mined all that information, but it is still ostensibly private.
I, for one, hope that Facebook and others go after staff at the MD DoC and deactivate their accounts due to the violations of acceptable use. Likewise for the coaching staff at those colleges mentioned. Alas, I dream again.
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William Cragoe

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The power of Photoshop, can we trust what we see, what is real?
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Do you know what you are good at?
William Cragoe is an Information Systems Consultant. Working in the field of Information Technology for the past twenty years he has specialized in the areas of network design, information security, connectivity, project management and IT operations.

William's technical and managerial experience in Information Services is valuable to private and public sector organizations aligning technology initiatives with their business goals.

William is currently the Enterprise Technical Architect for the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS). Current major projects include data center consolidation, implementation of Enterprise Service Bus and major system modernization.

He is also filling his previous role as the Identity Management Architect at DHS.  He continues to lead the development and implementation of the DHS Enterprise Identity Management solution. He also serves on the Identity Management steering committee at the statewide level and is consulting on a statewide Identity Management implementation.

William is active as the President of the St. Paul Bicycle Racing Club.

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William J. Cragoe, Will Cragoe
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  • General Growth Properties
    IT Manager
  • Creative Business Solutions
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  • Toyota Motor Sales
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WEB EXCLUSIVE: Preventing ID Theft for Contractors and Employees | Facil...

This Web Exclusive comes from Daniel Bulley, vice president, Mechanical Contractors Association (MCA) of Chicago. With 22918441 data records

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