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Jeff Bushman
A quirky, 40 something, self diagnosed, obsessed, wannabe writer.
A quirky, 40 something, self diagnosed, obsessed, wannabe writer.

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Where Has Bushman Been?
Well, what can I say? 2016 was quite the year.  It's over and while I can't say it was a bad year it most certainly had its ups and downs. For starters if you were a follower of mine and actually read this blog on a routine basis, you must have noticed that...

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The Rest of the Moose Tale
Hello there, So I see once again you have decided to subject yourself to the decidedly abhorrent ramblings of a self-diagnosed lunatic.  Well, lunatic might be a little harsh...I'll go with, madman, instead. So last time we met I divulged all of my going on...

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Mom!!!!! Bushman said summer's almost over.
WOW! Where is the summer disappearing to? It was just snowing a few days ago, wasn't it? You know that old saying, 'Stop and smell the roses' ? It's true.  I'm amazed at what has happened in the last few months and I want it to slow down a bit...just so I c...

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The Moose is Loose... and other less trivial things
Well geez, Louise, look who decided to show up to the party! Yes, it's me...again.  (damn guy won't go away) I decided to take a few minutes and visit my dusty little writing room.  I haven't been in here much.  It's kind of sad but when you're working 70 h...

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Short update on Bushman and his baby
Hmmmm... I think I remember how to do this. It has been awhile, I know.  I've been a bit pre-occupied. Everything is going swimmingly, though, in case you were wondering? I don't have much time so I will make this quick. Baby is doing great.  Not just great...

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Z is for Fanatical
Last day folks! The end of the month, the end of the alphabet and the end of any spare time! The new job officially starts Monday even though I have spent half of this week, it seems, in meetings about our kick-off. So let's sum up this month while I still ...

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Y is for too damn far away!
Y am I late posting? Too damn busy, that's why. I've barely squeaked out this challenge and we are down to the last two days/letters. If you had to ask for one reason why I would do this challenge I think my response would be... For my family. I love the fa...

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X is for YMCA ?
Definitely only one kind of Chromosome here... No not Y-you silly girl.... X

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W is for Meat Totes
So I was wondering how big my little baby was getting so I put her in one of mt meat totes and put her on the scale for a...... W eigh In

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V is for Watchdog
So now that we have this new baby around our dogs have taken a liking to her.  Anytime it is available, her head gets a little lick and whenever she makes a noise they feel the need to go investigate to make sure she is OK.  So needless to say wherever Cora...
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